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Discover ideas about Punk Rock Girls. Punk Rock GirlsGothic GirlsHairdressesDeath MetalHarajukuHaircutsHaircutsHaircutsHaircutsHairdressesHairdressesHairdressesHairdressesRidse. Modern model MIRROR PIECES. The festival that warms the season of the Covo Club with the best of rock, punk, emerging garage, Italian and international music. Join Absolute Alternative, the absolute best in modern alternative, pop-punk and rock by Distortion Radio.

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Mirror Piece" by Modern Models starts and to be really in tune with my listening I should turn off my computer and take the walk man. The album, recorded and produced in 2013, is a big leap back into the 80s, a concentration of New Wind, more daughter of the post-punk strand, more than electronic.

The musical scene to which they refer was experienced by the group in the first person: the group, founded in 1981, disbanded after only two years and reunited in 2009, bringing to light some songs from the old repertoire that were rearranged and collected on this album. The four tracks - not properly orthodoxly recorded - flow a bit slowly, perhaps because of a monotonous voice and repetitive riffs and poor conciseness.

The only one who somewhat anticipates the fate of the work is "Rules": it is catchy, it has its own character, but even here the instruments cannot mix well with each other as they should. This ep seems to be a nostalgic return to the golden age of the new waves.

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Remember when the killers were funny and didn't aspire to be U2 with bad results? Well, the spirit of The Collettivo is this: to play like the Tamaras of the 80s, but to do it in an ironic, escaped and contemporary way. It doesn't take much listening to get into the right frame of mind, on the contrary, the first seconds of "Winter Blues" are enough to put the cards on the table: synthie hop more or less danceable with black veins and correspondingly dramatic vocal interpretation.

And so it goes on, with one of the most remarkable Brandon Flowers & Co. songs called "Kill The Killers" - but there is no violent intent against the group from Las Vegas, the lyrics clarify it well, even more so at the final sung in Neapolitan. Probably not, but this summer it will make us dance and imagine taking a train to London instead of Piscinola.

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