Modern Folk Singers

Contemporary folk singers

Gabriella has transformed traditional Italian folk music into a modern style with this record. Passion is performed by street accordionists with two singers. Naturally there are many beautiful sounding, melodic instrumental pieces played on violin, flute and harp, and singers in abundance in a variety of styles. Traditional and folk music: One of the most militant and adventurous folk singers in the age of student unrest, David Peel (née David Rosario) was a great musician.


Artists: Al Diesan, Blackstones, Alessandro Cavazzuti, Renzo Cozzani, Stefano Frison, Giuseppe Gazerro, Hameln, Maggie's Farm Southern Band, Mr. AntonDjango's Band, Ferdinando Pollastri & Ricky Morassi, Fabrizio Piazza, Roses in Bloom, The Beards, The artists will play songs by Bob Dylan and other great songwriters and folk, rock and blues artists as well as original songs from their repertoire.

In the two-day awards ceremony for the most original and award-winning artists. "WHO IS DYLAN IN THE THIRD YEAR?"

<font color="#ffff00">Coro: Päijänne-kuoro | Festival Internazionale Corale Verona Garda Estate

Päijänne, a large sea stretching about 50 km from Asikkala to Sysmä. Asikkala, Padasjoki and Sysmä church, which are all neighboring communities, as well as. and wooded mountain-ranges. He is the choir leader, he is the choir director of the Sysmä Church. He also sings in Estonia and Germany.

The Sysmä Chamber Boys Chorus, Sysmä. Leena Palm was the 1991 chorus musician. She' s a tutor in Sysmä. Beethoven' s Symphony No. 9, Mozart Requiem, Rossini´s Petite Messe Solennelle. Choral and folk tunes, sacred and popular entertainment scores. The Sysmä Chamber Choir complessivamente contaca 50 Kantanti.

The two directors, Lea Luts and Leena Palm, come from the city of Sysmä. Päijänne takes its name from the large lake of the same name, which stretches about 50 km from Asikkala to Sysmä. Zysmä. The churches of Asikkala, Padasjoki and Sysmä, all neighbouring communities, want to promote Finnish music alongside other cultures.

JAKLAK LUTS is the accompanying pianist and singer of the Church of Sysmä. light music. The choir sang in Finland, but also in Estonia and Germany. The choir was founded in 1987 as an opera choir. The aim was to perform Donizetti's works at the Sysmä Summer Sound Festival.

Every year the choir is invited to concerts at the Sysmä Summer Festival and cultural events in the city. The choir director since 1991 is Leena Palm, a teacher in Sysmä. The choir's repertoire includes Mozart's Requiem, Beethoven's Ninth Symphony and Rossini's Petite Messe Solennelle.

The Sysmä Choir has recorded music for educational purposes and songs about the rural world. The repertoire includes church music, folk songs and pop music.

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