Modern Folk Music

Contemporary folk music

Les Filles mixes traditional percussion with electric guitars and brings the old village folk music into the modern age. It is my pleasure to introduce you to the latest developments in the music program: Since then, the festival has developed into one of the most important European festivals for traditional and modern folk music. The band also interprets modern traditional southern Italian folk music such as "pizzica", "taranta", "tarantella" and "tammurriata". Tradtional and modern Irish folk songs and tunes.

Modern traditional folk music by F.V.G.

The TRADMOD Folk String Band project, presented by the Cultural Association for Traditional Modern Folk Music of Friuli Venezia Giulia, was created with the aim of studying, learning, rehearsing, spreading and having fun with the styles of the popular violin from the traditions of Friuli, Carnia, Val Resia, Istria, Bagolino and Savena valleys.

These folk violin styles were born and are still remembered and used by folk musicians in some Italian places, where they accompany festivals and ancient rituals that have survived over time despite the advent of the industrial era and all that they have accomplished in modern society. The group is open to all classical violinists or local folklore and no... it doesn't matter as long as they are interested in this kind of musical approach which, among other things, leads to the performance taking place without the help of written music.

For centuries, musicians have simply trusted their music to memory and the TRADMOD Orchestra will try to learn songs based on the hearing of its members! These can be either personal experiments or dinners in public places (in Friuli, but also elsewhere in the future) or in interesting places.

The styles and history of the violin are discussed and passages from the above mentioned traditions are freely tried out. The violinists invited can be professional graduates or beginners or amateurs of any age, and of course the invitation is aimed at bassists, cellists or violists who are interested in studying the folk tradition and want to have fun playing together.

Alternate music from Lebanon - Hip Hop & Folk da Beirut

I am pleased to present a new musical program: Alternate Libanese Music Session, a trilogy - edited by Ziad Nawfal - exploring the music scene in Lebanon, an overview of the most interesting bands in Beirut and the musicians who were born in Lebanon but grew up and are active elsewhere (there are always Lebanese-Canadian collaborations in these playlists).

We asked Ziad Nawfal to accompany us on this exploration and we could not choose a person who was better informed about the facts. A music producer, Nawfal has worked for years at La CD-Thèque, IL negative di dischi a Beirut and for his rib Incognito Productions; dj, started in 2008 with The Ruptures on Radio Lebanon 96.2 FM and has recently published a book on the music scene, alternative, by Beirut, Untitled Tracks: On Alternative Music in Beirut.

We invited him to give us some advice, and after the first episode dedicated to alternative skirt and poppy of Beirut, Ziad responded with another show, this time presenting the scene of Hi Pops and modern Lebanese folklore.

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