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Kittikun Minimal Techno FM Radio application is now online for free. ( DI ) Dub Techno (Modem, Techno+Minimal, Denver. radio Traxx FM Tech-Minimal Svizzera, Ginevra. The Kittikun Minimal Techno Radio FM is a game that is officially only and exclusively available for Android. Minor / Elettronica / House / Techno / Progressive vXv Dj Radio Altroverso http://www.

Minimal tone... aren't terrific.

Instrumental pieces, minimalistic arrangements and hypnotic rhythms transform a disco evening into a night of ecstasy. Minimal Music was born in 1994 with the release of "Minimal Nation" by DJ/Producer Robert Hood. Born as an experimental continuation of the already established techno and House genres, the forerunner of this rather atonal sound range has attracted the talent of producers of unique beats.

Each station transmits the most driving sounds of analog synthesizers and technologically simple rhythms in its own almost primordial way. It is music that stimulates the soul, even when you sit at your desk or on the couch.

Minimum Techno

Most radio should work fine with your computer's built-in Firefox / Safari / Chrome / Explorer. If the radio is extremely unstable and stops every 5 seconds, try listening to this radio at different times. Not all radio functions work 24 hours a day.

If you can't listen to the radio, try listening at different times, as the radio station can stop at midnight depending on its own national time zone.

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Welcome to the "Radio Attiva Musica Attiva.ogni gigni 24 oder 24", where you can listen to all kinds of music from disco.13.00 to 17.00 Trance Hardstyle Hardcore and Speedcore.17.00 to 18.00 Techno Trance.18.00 to 19.00 Dance. 19.00 all 22.00 House Dance.Dalle 22.00 all 24.00 Trance.Dalle 24.00 all 06.00 Minimal House Techno.Dalle 06.00 all 09.00 Dance.Dalle 09.00 all 11.00 Dance Anni90.Dalle 11.00 all 13.00 House Dance Techno.Radio Attiva Musica Attiva!

Here are the dates of the "Tour over techno".

Michielin announces "Tour over techno", which stops at the clubs from November to December and immerses the artist in a new and original "electronic living set". In fact, the new touring is an electronical kit completely played and sung by Francesca, who has remixed all his greatest hits and some songs of the last album "2640" in a single key and also experiments with genres like afrobeat and minimal techno.

Francesca will play analog instruments such as electric bass, Synthie pad, moon and controllers during the show. The title of this new project refers to the famous verse "these things I want to tell you about techno" which is included in the song "I don't don't get by the sea". Francesca Michielin's new single "Femme" (from 16 November via Sony Music), written in collaboration with Calcutta and remixed by DJ and Italian-Canadian multi-instrumentalist Bruno Bellissimo as well as the director and producer of the new "electronic life set" project, accompanies the concert route.

Tickets for the new tours are now available at all physical points of the clubs and from 10.00 a.m. on Wednesday, November 7th at and

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