Minimal Techno Production

Low techno production

Claudio Donato, Executive Producer for Goodymusic Production srl. Tracklist P & C Goodymusic Production srl: Fresh and trendy electronica, minimal and gentle trap. Repeated and pulsating minimal techno. The deepest end result is a fusion of ambient and minimal techno music.


Olivetty is an audiovisual environmental project that emerged in Berlin in 2006 from a meeting between musician Claudio Rocchetti and visual artist Riccardo Benassi. ELYVETTY is the incorrect pronunciation of a symbol, the omission of language about content and information about production. In the new project presented at Netmage 08, the systematic sounding of the sea of sound and the minimal techno-drift reach new visionary landing sites.

The first edition of Olivetty is as all-encompassing as a perforation, a double image plate made of hand-engraved vinyl. ELYVETTY is an audio-visual environmental product launched in 2006 in Berlin by Claudio Rocchetti and the fine artsian Riccardo Benassi. ELYVETTY is the suppression of a icon, the transcendence of speech on the contents and information on the production.

At Netmage 08, minimal techno-dérives will achieve new vision sceneries through systemic bonding of sound levels and views. Olivetty's first publication as comprehensive as a perforation is a 12' dual hand-engraved image plate.

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November 22nd, 2013

At the end of the 90s, the curators of the robotic project included Toni and Mark, who became part of the LED (Link Electronic Department) and then residents DJs of LINK, the Bologna electronic Mekka. Here they lay the foundation for their career alongside the best DJs of the worldwide techno scene from Hawtin to Villalobos from Aphex to Jeff Mills.

One of the most talented Italian DJs is a mixture of techno minimal and house sounds, short loops and analog sounds. Thanks to the Playhouse Night at the Kindergarten in Bologna, UNZIP became known beyond the national borders and was invited to clubs such as Bar25 and Watergate in Berlin as well as to the most important festivals of the scene such as Sonar in Barcelona.

A very young artist from Naples, Dave Saved, who already works for the English Astro: Dymnics record company, offers us in his show a glowing sound material that mixes to a sophisticated and powerful psychedelia and techno.

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