Minimal Techno Dance

Techno Minimal Dance

From one parallel to the other, from the sounds of Scandinavian electronics to the hybrid sounds of tropical techno. Dancing Party: Mix of minimal techno, deep house and hypnotic music as the basis for your best evenings - Non Stop Music Club. Since the end of the 90s Ø [PHASE] is part of the Techno UK scene. In the meantime an established phenomenon instead of a novelty, "minimal techno" has secured itself a place of honour in the world dance scene. key dance, which also experiments with Afrobeat and Minimal Techno genres.

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Since the end of the 90s Ø [PHASE] is part of the Techno UK scene. The London-based manufacturer, whose style ranges from grainy Detroit minimal techno, is best known for its work on token records. His debut goes back to the year 2000 and his productions have been noticed by several internationally renowned producers.

In 2012 he reaches the peak of his fame and plays in various parts of the world, including Berghain in Berlin, REX (Paris), Fuse Klub (Brussels) and Lux (Lisbon) as well as Robert Hood and Marcel Dettmann. After the production of the second in 2015, it will also be represented worldwide at many events in Europe, Asia, Australia and America in 2016.

Minimum Techno

Meanwhile an established phenomenon and no longer a novelty, "minimal techno" has secured itself a place of honour in the world dance scene. The story of a success that was not born accidentally from the necessity to turn to a phase that was not very fruitful from a musical point of view and that (perhaps definitely) shaped electronic music, between star DJs and crazy parties, invented by Kraftwerk in the distant 70's, re-recorded and developed in "real techno" by the Americans in the 80's, in Detroit, "The Motor City", the city of cars and bars....

FEATURES - After years of experimentation and consensus, the "minimal" sound definitely exploded last summer with the classic 4/4 bass drum and a few sounds that are almost never trivial or predictable. A very special sound, essential, which immediately takes mind and body with it, much lighter and more danceable than the purest and most sensual techno of background music, which for example comes closer to our culture of raves.

Besides the German school, a forerunner of the genre, the South American school is very active and fruitful and mixes due to its Calient and Latin identity the sounds typical for this country, such as for example sample and Spanish guitar, with the European environment and thus produces the unmistakable sound that has driven the world crazy.

This musical genre was immediately associated with the coolest and most exciting parties in the world, such as the "Circoloco" at DC10 on Ibiza ( or the "Cocoon" at Amnesia Always on Ibiza (, binomials who have been dictating the laws of the world dance scene for several years. It is very popular in Italy and you can hear it in historical clubs like Kama Kama (Marina di Pietrasanta, Lucca), Tenax (Florence), Coccoricò (Riccione).

In Milan, some Fridays at the Magazzini Generali (evening "JetLag"), the evening "TheFlame" at Amnesia or the hiking evenings "Magma 65". TODAY - The minimal sound is now considered a phenomenon! For this reason we should not be surprised when many designers choose the most sought-after artists of this kind for their parties and soundtracks.

Like all trends, minimal techno is in an evolution and is moving towards sounds that are suitable for all hours of the day. Because the perfect celebration begins with the moon, but ends with the sun.

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