Minimal Techno 2016

Min Techno 2016

No Fermarti (Musica Techno Elettro). Practice music & minimal techno & electronic music. Records of liquid flavors 2016-07-31. A new mix online: <font color="#ffff00">

Minimal techno December 2016 <font color="#ffff00"> v=PMNEUHAB0u0. December 2016 Minimal Techno DJ Mix.

Techno-Minimal classification in November 2014 - Portals of the music industry

I decided to add a techno minimal ranking this month because it's a genre that I like to listen to and that is played in discos all over the world (the "most serious"), but that you will never hear on the air, except in exceptional cases like a DJ kit straight from a clubside () that is, on the air.

This is a very special genre and for some "repetitive" ones, because it mainly consists of low frequencies and for this reason you can only enjoy this kind of songs with a good system. To find the best tracks of the Techno-Minimal Ranking, I relied on various sources like Youtube, Itunes, Beatport and other services I found there.

Besides the bestselling songs, I have recorded some songs that I think deserve it, even though they are not well known internationally! As always, simply click on the title of the song that you want to take you directly to the corresponding clip on video on youtube. I remind you that all songs of the techno-minimal charts are available via Beatport.

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Check the entry or go back to the home page. by YOU ! 01 Vol. 1 - Do we want another habitat? Vol. 2 - cello and habitat In/Arch - S.I.R. LUIGI PELLEGRIN EL IL LAB. 7.02 - The cloud no longer pays for the why of gravity letters to the friends of the P.B.F. circle "full space" or "empty space"?

"Full room" or "empty space"?

Amnesia Milano, Milan (2016), Sven Vath world tour 2016

For several years now, the exclusive relationship between Amnesia Milano and Sven Väth has provided some of the most unforgettable moments in the history of Italian clubs, and many more to come. On Saturday, 19 March, when Sven Väth, together with his proud companion of many musical adventures, the Italian Maurizio Schmitz, will play again at the Milan Club.

For over thirty years, Sven Väth has been an absolute source of inspiration for all DJs, coming to Amnesia Milano in the middle of his winter trip. She sees him as a protagonist in other cult clubs such as the Womb of Tokyo and at festivals such as Time Warp, Snowbombing and Caprices, and is waiting for the grand opening of Cocoon's Ibizenca season on 30 May.

Born in 1964, professional DJ since 1984, he celebrated 50 years and 30 years of his career on 25 October 2014 with a real Mannheim festival: in practice a special edition of Time Warp dedicated to him. On Saturday, 19 March, the German DJ will be accompanied by Maurizio Schmitz, half Italian, half German.

His musical style is defined as "psychedelic house music", although it is reductive to keep his sets in a certain genre that is able to limit even in minimal techno.

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