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At the Geheimnisse des "Robocop" rossonero. calabria catanzaro Club cosenza deejay dejayset disco dj House minimal mixing reggio severino superhero techhouse vincenzo vincenzo vincenzoseverino.

Minimal tone... aren't terrific.

Instrumental pieces, minimalistic arrangements and hypnotic rhythms transform a disco evening into a night of ecstasy. Minimal Music was born in 1994 with the release of "Minimal Nation" by DJ/Producer Robert Hood. Born as an experimental continuation of the already established Techno and House genres, the forerunner of this rather atonal sound range has attracted the talent of producers of unique beats.

Each station transmits the most driving sounds of analog synthesizers and technologically simple rhythms in its own almost primordial way. It is music that stimulates the soul, even when you sit at your desk or on the couch.

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Welcome to the "Radio Attiva Musica Attiva.ogni gigni 24 oder 24", where you can listen to all kinds of music from disco.13.00 to 17.00 Trance Hardstyle Hardcore and Speedcore.17.00 to 18.00 Techno Trance.18.00 to 19.00 Dance. 19.00 all 22.00 House Dance.Dalle 22.00 all 24.00 Trance.Dalle 24.00 all 06.00 Minimal House Techno.Dalle 06.00 all 09.00 Dance.Dalle 09.00 all 11.00 Dance Anni90.Dalle 11.00 all 13.00 House Dance Techno.Radio Attiva Musica Attiva!

Tekno-Minimal Con DJ VXV, Altroverso Radio at Club Tresor, North (2014)

venerdi 4 aprilile direttamente da roma, serata radio altroverso! It all started one day in September in Nice, France, 2002 on the French Riviera, I had just returned from Germany. I was preparing a job at the Nice Opera and was tired of working with the usual neoclassical postmodern sounds.

The next day began our collaboration with the years gave us the opportunity to create music and shows in France and Italy. After leaving France, having lived there for at least 17 years, I moved to Rome and one evening I heard on Radio Boys and Girls a track that Samson had recorded in Nice a few months earlier.

Boy and girl liked "Ellen Allien", who signed the Maxi-LP "Gettoblastcontrol" with "bpitchcontrol-berlin". At that time, young men and women throughout Europe began to resonate a little. The radio was Radio Onda Rossa di Roma, the programme Altroverso under the direction of Nino Giallongo aka Dj Misk.

After I got in touch with Dj Misk, we organized a special episode on the radio where Samson and I took part in an exuberant show. The sequel was quite funny, dJ and lived in our capital, Germany, Berlin, France, Nice. From May 2013, the firm cooperation with Radio AltroVerso will begin.

Every week I mix the best background tracks and more exactly every Friday from 18 to 19 o'clock here on Radio AltroVerso.

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