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Buy online the items with the signature Minimal To. Coats, jackets, blazers for men for sale online at the Gold Edition Shop www.goldeditionshop. com | More ideas for Blazers, Minimal and Women. Minimal decorative painting by Giorgio Graesan, demonstration video.

Bookcase for Living Room Walls Bookcase Bookcases Minimal Bookcases Solid Wall Bookcases Tailor-made Online. The Minimal brand aims to meet the needs of dynamic and demanding customers who want to anticipate trends and stand out from the crowd.

geometrical jewels, minimal jewels

Necklace with an essential styling, combining the simplicity of the thin chain in high quality metal alloy with the secret of the triangular black stone charm that absorbs the light that concentrates the gaze. Very important necklace of the chain of brass net. A selection of thin and ethereal meshes for an essential and refined necklace.

A thin string breaks the curved line of the chain and creates the image of a smile. Indispensable and atmospheric necklace focused on a black lava stone with irregular geometry. The charm of the material and the enigmatic styling add a touch of mystery. The equilateral triangle, symbol of harmony, challenges the unequal triangle, the genius and the irregularity, in a necklace that symbolizes the eternal struggle between reason and emotion.

Linear jewel with a clear limpid shape. The romanticism of the crescent moon soothes the austere geometry of this accessory made of a high-quality golden metal alloy. An indispensable necklace made of high-quality silver-metal alloy with a triangular necklace that is appreciated for its brightness and harmony of proportions. The black acrylic stone suggests an elegance that is suitable for all occasions.

The most important element is the elegant half moon made of artificial stone with marble effect. A mysterious and very visual necklace with a unique and unique styling. An explosion of synthetic stones breaks the linearity of the wide link chain, for an accessory that cannot be overlooked. A necklace that alternates black artificial stones, in shades of grey or with a marbled effect, with metallic elements in a strong and elegant style.

Buy online at our minimal pigeon shop comrare

Nordic chain which unfortunately is not sold in Italy, but which you can buy online. Prices are very low and sell very interesting items, especially the shirts department, which offers a wide range of products from overcuts and A-cuts to prints and stripes. Very cute shop where you can buy handmade wool clothes.

The sweaters are very minimal and simple, no strange things, but all very important, and you can also buy directly the only wool and kits to make them yourself at home. Behind this shop of fans of handmade sweaters is a real comunity. Superfluous Swedish shop that aims to be environmentally friendly.

Quality clothing, natural materials, all manufactured in Europe with the European laws regulating the work and standards of materials. Of course the prices here are in the middle range, but the clothes are very interesting and important. Minimalism also dominates here, and there are also fine yarns such as silk or cashmere.

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