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From Non Stop Music Club. Ritmo nel Sangue (Musica Tropical House). Texts for 'Minimal House Music (Workout Music)' by Allenamento Corsa In Musica. Small-house music and syncopated beats TIP! Minimal House / Tech musical line.

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Minimal House is based on ""loops"", nothing more than the repetition of a certain number of bars, almost a hypnotic journey, also known as "trip". Easier and more danceable than techno, but more sensual than undergraund music. This is a Japan music brand. I refer my brand artist. Sound like this: technology, house, sound landscape, Trip Hope, jazzy, Japanese scenic landscape & Ambient.

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Not to be confused with the minimal genre. Born to meet economic and market needs: more economic performance with minimal production effort. Music is highly alienated, with beats that reach the depths of the most distant individuals. The distinction between Minimal House and Minimal Tech is actually quite unstable and is mostly based on snobbish positions.

The term house is indeed often misinterpreted with a strong commercial meaning. The definition minimal tech can be very suitable for artists like Ricardo Villalobos, Luciano (Lucien Nicolet), Uto Karem, Ame etc. who have many features of sound techno, especially the beat in the 4/4 range. The leading artist of the minimal genre is Richie Hawtin in Plastikman Art with his label M_NUS.

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List updated until March 26, 2014. Click on the single's name to see the music clip (on Youtube) and listen to the artist's or DJ's song - Here's the selection/top ten with the next 20 singles Tech House and Minimal House (19th part): This page uses Akismet to reduce spamming.

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