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with around two million inhabitants, also hosts hundreds of hard rock music fans who have led to great fame. The EXTREME METAL MUSIC is a division of ROCKSHOTS Records. | For more ideas on music, bands and hard rock, sports and specializing in the sale of rock T-shirts, sweatshirts and merchandising. Design is in the style of Heavy Metal.

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Spirits and music, a very common combination and commercially used by both alcohol producing companies and the music industry. Some of them are "tribute", in others they are real cooperations that lead to the birth of alcohol ex novo, branded or with the trademark of the group..... The American brewery Dogfish Head pays tribute to Robert Johnson, Grateful Dead and Pearl Jam, who each month marketed a beer inspired by a song that was regarded as a paradise or hell, like "Hell's Bells" by AC/DC, "Runnin With The Devil" by Van Halen or "The Number Of The Beast" by Iron Maiden.

by Cambridge Brewing Company is clearly inspired by the Beatles album of the same name, because Heavy Seas' smokes on the water porter is an obvious homage to Deep Purple. to Joy Division. The case of beers, on the other hand, is different in the case of beers, which are commissioned directly by the music groups or by the holders of the image exploitation rights.

inspired by the anonymous song, is the English band's beer. Already owners (with good success) of a number of wines and other beverages, the AC/DC have thought to increase their sales by introducing a beer. It follows the graphics of the album "Rock Or Bust": It is a pils prime, as reported in the box.

Dave Pickerell was responsible for the distillation, not only for the wooden barrels and the mixture of borbon and white wine, but also for a process with the sound waves of the same Metallica music.

In order to make the process effective, very low-frequency sound waves were needed, with which Metallica's music is very well supplied. A special sub-woofer was used to amplify these low frequencies to the maximum and push them into the runs, and the song used was BLACK. Five thousand bottles of this whisky were produced, all numbered 081, the year in which the Metallica was formed.

All bottles are accompanied by a play list (Spotify or Apple Music) that promotes the best tasting. Official website: On the occasion of the Quebec dates in 2015, Metallica also launched a limited edition beer with its own name. In order to seal their willingness to release 'signed' spirits, the cooperation with Arrogant Consortia and Stone Brewing on the launch of their new beer 'produced in 2019' should also be mentioned.

Metallica: "It's no secret, but we are proud to officially announce Enter Night Pilsner, a collaboration with Arrogant Consortia and Stone Brewing. We look forward to sharing this incredible ale with you. Ask for Enter Night Pilsner at our shows and use the Arrogant Consortia Bierfinder to find a dealer near you.

On the market from February 2019, the band's beer will be a camp beer made even from the water of Lake Bodom (from which the name of the group comes). The lake became famous in 1960, when three young people died on its shore, murdered by a man armed with a knife during the so-called "massacre at Lake Bodom".

Four boys (18-year-old Nils Gustafsson and Seppo Boisman and 15-year-old Tuulikki Mäki and Irmeli Björklund) had been camping on the lakeside for the evening when, according to the only survivor, Gustafsson, a man attacked them with a knife, killed three people and injured Gustafsson himself. In 2003, a doctor published his own theory about the murder: in 1960 he worked as a doctor in the Espoo hospital and remembered that a few days after the murder he had treated a very suspicious man for some wounds.

At the end of March 2004, almost 44 years after the events, Nils Gustafsson was arrested for multiple murder. According to the prosecution, Gustafsson, the survivor, had excessive anger about the jealousy he felt towards his new girlfriend Irmeli byklund. Gustafsson's wounds were visible, but much less severe.

The trial began on 4 August 2005: The public prosecutor's office applied for life imprisonment for triple murder, arguing that the new DNA-based analyses highlighted Gustafsson's responsibility as a material author. The defense argued that Gustafsson's wounds were of the same type and inflicted with the same force as those of the others, and that the murderer could therefore only be one person outside the group of four boys, and also given the extent of the wounds the survivor had suffered, would not have been able to kill three people in any way (although shortly thereafter they could still be self-inflicted wounds to prevent someone from examining him).

Gustafsson was in any case released from all charges on 7 October 2005 and the Republic of Finland paid him ?44,900 in compensation. Even Satyr, guide of the Black Metallers Satyricon, has dedicated himself over time to the alcohol trade. von Wongraven 2006. In Japan the Rolling Hop beer of the Rolling Stones was also depopulated.

Ozzy's Black Sabbath also launched their beer, as did Motley Crue 2016 with an 8% American Wild Ale from Bellwood's Brevery. Among other things, the band from Los Angeles is accused of being inspired by Lowenbrau (a brand of German beers) for the characters of their name.

It is called "A Tout Le Monde", a name obviously derived from the 1994 song "Youthanasia", the beer of Megadeth, born of the collaboration between Mustaine and Jerry Vietz, master brewer of Unibroue, who became famous for a beer called "La Fin Du Monde". It' no coincidence that the 1997 release of the band' 101-Proof live album has a cover inspired by the famous Tennessee Black Label.

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