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Jo Donatello and Menayt: Jo Donatello and Menayt are the family of gigions

Legend has it that Luigi Ciavarola, at the beginning of his forty-year career, decided to sing the then hip international songs in Italian-Napolitan, rewriting the lyrics to the Beatles and later to Madonna, and for this reason presented himself as Gigi ONE to give himself a xenophobic tone.

History gives him an audience that appreciates him because he understands what he sings, but is not so lucky with his stage name: from Gigi One he becomes a gigion all one word, from number one he becomes a great giggino. The same story gives us songs that have little to do with The Shots On, a mythical piece by Vasco Rossi, whose lyrics certainly cannot be described as an adaptation of Celebratedegli An Emotional Flish; Gigione's songs are similar to those that free the children create when they want to shoot mint by filling the songs with swear words and sexual allusions.

In the photo he threatens people who only want to take part in the village festival with his voice and word art, his successful song is a prime example, his title is "La Campagnola": Come, facimm' ammore, komme si beatlla, statt' cu' mme.

Giugione plays on the double senses until he reaches the top of the trim that not even the best lion of Lernia can reach, in his songs he puts everything in his head: the pussy and the saints. 60% of Gigione's repertoire consists of songs with more than one double meaning (Te biace'o Biscotto, Lecca Lecca, La tropanarella, A Carcioffola, Voglia'e fa Bam and Pote Continare Finland all'Prossima fine del Calendario Maya), 5% of Neapolitan tradition covers, 7% of love and food and love for food, 28% of pseudo-religious songs.

With a deep knowledge of his audience, and learning the lesson of Nino D'Angelo playing Jesus Cri(sto), a Beatles booklet " Let it be ", he devotes more than one thought to the saint and not only when he gets angry: Our Lady of Pompeii, Padre Pio and Pope Francis are some of the albums that influence the theme.

However, he is a good family man and places 2 of his sons: Jo Donatello and Sonayt. Donatello Jo, obvious result of a typographical error of the registry office, was not born aesthetically happy, but with such a father he solves everything. The money rains in duets with the father, the women who always participate with the father, in the famous movie (despite his own, bad movie) "Thank you Father Pio".

In the scene now in the history of Italian filmography, thanks also to Yotobi, a blonde blonde explains the virtues of Gigione Junior: According to such a statement, there is an urgent synoptic image: Jenson Button, F1 champion (knows how to run), Elvis Prsley (knows how to sing), Rocco Siffredi (they say he knows how to make good love), Jo Donatello joined together to give. But Gigione has also done something good by giving birth to a pretty hot daughter who, if she doesn't wear too heavy make-up, doesn't look like a transvestite at all.

His name is not known in the registry office, but only his stage name, for which Gijon uses all his inspiration with his greatest genius: to call his daughter (almost) dance. From the Meneito the stage name of his daughter Menayt takes shape, who often appears on television, which is also very much in demand because of the most melodic in the family.

The Gigione is an example of how stubbornness and nerve power can be successful where there is a lack of talent for art.

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