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Punk Melodic Rock

Rise Against sono una Punk Rock/Melodic Hardcore Punk Band proveniente da Chicago, Illinois, USA. Nothing in the world of melodic punk rock has ever been the same since! cerco componenti per band melodic hardcore e/o punk rock e/o pop punk punk. Where did the desire come from to form a melodic punk and hardcore band? Leeds GUNS ON THE ROOF's Guns on the Roof, the hard-fought melodic punk band - the next generation.

The Goodmother (Melodic Punk Hardcore)

The final line-up (Teo: guitar and vocals, Alby: bass and vocals, Freddy: guitar, Nico: drums) immediately began composing their own songs and a rather intense activity despite their very young age (then the drummer, the oldest was 15 years old), which led them to immediately change all the few places where you can play tirelessly in Brianza many times.

The group, which presents a melodic punk rock halfway between the melodic hc, punk and the healthiest punk in the truest sense of the word with other different influences, begins to write their own songs and releases the first self-produced promo demonstration with 4 tracks. Demos are very popular (about 350 copies of which 200 in only 3 months) and the group plays more and more with a growing number of reviews on different webzines.

In June 2004, the group was on the same stage as Statuto calibre and Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti artists, and in early 2005 they spent an evening with the Monza-based WaterTower ska-punk group, well known throughout Italy. Towards the end of 2004 the genre moves decisively towards melodic hc, Millencolin style, whereby the origins and the previously written pieces are preserved.

The second promo demonstration of Goodmother has been released. In September 2005 the first change in the composition of the group took place, Sam, a singer with a melodic voice, an impressive ear and a lot of imagination, joined the group as the main voice.

19.05 Lineout (Milano Punk Rock) + For different lifestyles

Blinds Rabbit Family in collaboration with NoReason Records presentano: LIVE @Blind Rabbit! The Blind Rabbit season is almost over, but the last bars are still missing! Together with the Milanese guests, the locals For Different Ways (Melodic Hardcore by Cagliari), who are always at the forefront of support and die hard, will perform in the Blind Rabbit.

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