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The video with the first part of the interview of Giulia Salvi and Andrea Rock with the Italian rock band, real and ideal to shoot the video that accompanies this new interpretation.

It' s the 25th of April, here is the moving "Bella ciao", sung by Marlene Kuntz and Skin. Here you can see the "Bella ciao".

Today is the anniversary of the liberation of Italy (also called liberation day, anniversary of the resistance or simply 25 April) is - reminds us of Wikipedia - a national holiday of the Italian Republic, which takes place every year on 25 April. It is an important day in the history of Italy and has a special political and military significance as a symbol of the victorious struggle of military and political resistance waged by the partisans during the Second World War of 8 September 1943 against the fascist government of the Italian Social Republic and the Nazi occupation.

Wikipedia also reminds us that the 25th of April 1945 is the day on which the National Liberation Committee of Northern Italy (CLNAI) - headed by Alfredo Pizzoni, Luigi Longo, Emilio Sereni, Sandro Pertini and Leo Valiani (among others designated President Rodolfo Morandi) - was located in Milan and chaired,

Arpesani Giustino and Marazza Achille) - proclaimed the general uprising in all the territories still occupied by the Nazi fascists and showed all the partisan troops active in northern Italy, which are part of the volunteer corps of freedom to attack the fascist and German garrisons which impose the capitulation, days before the arrival of the allied troops;

"BELLA CIAO" PER RIACE/ Video, Marlene Kuntz with Haut for Mimmo Lucano and Umaggio

The resistance moved to Riace, a city that today is the symbol of a new resistance, the resistance against racism. Here Cristiano Godano, singer and head of Marlene Kuntz, and former Skunk Anansie singer and former X Factor judge Mrs. Skin, have uploaded their version of the partisan classic Bella Chiao in a video that was put on line today, April 25th.

In the video the images of the beautiful Calabrian city, first abandoned, then gradually populated by faces, those of historical residents and those of migrants. The proceeds of the song will go to the town of Riace, which will also be available from 10 May on 45 rpm coloured vinyl and numbered. "The " Belle Coriao " - explains Cristiano Godano on - is an anthem of freedom and human, social and civil resistance.

And for us it is the symbol of resistance to a drift that brings tension. In the Repubblica, however, Mr Haut says: "There are moments in history when people have to come together again to fight hatred.

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