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Many examples of sentences with "live folk music" - Italian-English dictionary and search engine for millions of translations into Italian. Spend an evening with traditional Swiss folk music. Dowunder: Live in Australia, an album by Bert Jansch. The program includes music between ethnic and classical. FOLK & SOLN LIVE MUSIC.

Live Terraross Show 2017 Italien Folk Musician

Terraross" is a music and research project that aims to rediscover and improve the culture of a lost time by giving history, the deeds of our ancestors... everyday scenes, the voice of the people on the street, the voice of our peddlers, the breathlessness of hard work in the fields and the cry of struggles and revolutions, voice and music.

But there was certainly no lack of love songs, poetry and the lost charm of the old serenades! "Dancing and never getting tired" is our slogan, because "one is time, one is the rhythm that brings us back from the beat of life, the heart to the beat of the earth.

Sicily Live Folk Music Serata Sicily

which aims to promote Sicilian music around the world. Artistiche Palermo in collaboration with master Nino Parrucca Ceramiche. Each participating artist or group has the opportunity to sing up to 15 minutes of the Sicilian music author. Participation in the event is completely free of charge and registered artists will not receive any compensation that evening.

After the live folk music, interviews will be conducted with the journalist of Federica Raccuglia, who will be held in Sicilia Incantata, the organizer of the music event. Participants will receive a gift from Nino Wig. During the evening the prize will be awarded 2018 by the master Nino Wig to Magoplip in Greta Tusa, the small and very beautiful face of Istagram with magoplip.

Antonio Music

At the age of 11, with the tuft in the Elvis style, I inspired the audience at the end of the school year concert with the song "Bill Haley" by the great Ted Herold. This was the beginning of my musical career. After that I founded the first group and my companions and performed with 12 of our songs for the first time in the auditorium of the school Adligenswil in Lucerne.

In the following years I was contacted by several bands as a singer and guitarist: - Los Playos Band (dance, party and show band). - Cityl Life Band (dance, party and show band). In 1993 I sang with the City Life Band on the private birthday of the singer ANNI-FRID LINGSTAD of the famous ABBA at the GRAND HOTEL NATIONAL Hotel in Lucerne.

  • This was Texblues Band, 1999, with whom I played guitar in different cities of Texas (USA) for one month. Thanks to my experience in different musical styles, I have a repertoire of about 600 songs, and my slogan is: You always have to know how to adapt to the taste of the audience and the theme of the evening.

My advantage is: I adapt to the audience, whether musically or thematically! Whether Italian music, immergr√ľne songs, folk music from Austria-Germany (Oktoberfest), Rock'n'Roll or Country, Elis Show .... or whether it's weddings, birthdays, company events, cruises andiano-Bars :... simple:

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