Kid Koala Fender Bender

Small Koala Mudguard Bender

Child koala - carpal tunnel syndrome. Translation Fender Bender texts into Italian translated by Kid Koala in the album Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Il testo of Fender Bender of Kid Koala of Rockol. Kid Koala, Carpel Tunnel Syndrome. Kid Koala debut album vinyl re-release on Ninja Tune!

Child Koala - Carpal tunnel syndrome (vinyl, LP, album)

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Child Koala # Carpal tunnel syndrome

Loosen any possible contact with your brain mass (you won't need it much), reset any external contact that could interfere with/change your hearing (even if only minimally): Enter the digital support "Carpal Tunnel Syndrome" and prepare for the journey (it is recommended to put on your seatbelts). Look out and see the landscape that surrounds you at 360°: it is gymnablizm to the n-th force.

It has nothing to do with the minimal doses contained in most of the hip-hop discs that come out every day (e.g. just enough not to seriously disturb the fainting of the heart). Kid Koala's sound tunnels (if anyone has a rather short memory, it's the same one that made the records in "3030" rotate) travel on tracks that are completely different from those of the simple combinations between hip-hop and DJ that we've digested extensively thanks to the different products that stand on the standards of "Built From Scratch" (to name just a few).

But it is precisely the notion of the scratch as a musical form in itself (and autonomously, without further necessity) that makes the "Carpal Tunnel Syndrome" an unusual record that puts the turntables in a questionable position (and anything but accessible): in the middle.

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