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Famous for being a great singer of the Graf Basie Orchestra from 1935 to 1948, James Andrew Rushing (1901 - 1972) is perhaps less known to have been a good pianist (as you can see in the film I am about to show you).

A native of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Rushing was known by his nickname "Mr. Five by Five" because of his bulky mass ("He is five feet tall and five feet wide"). He joined Walter Page's Blue Devils in 1927, then joined them in the orchestra of Bennie Moten and remained with his successor Count Basie when Moten died in 1935.

He was a powerful singer with a baritone to tenor vocal reach. He has recorded a wonderful Brubeck and Rushing for Columbia with Dave Brubeck, who defined him as "the father of all blue singers. His most famous recordings include Going To Chicago, recorded with Basie, and Harvard Blues.

Rushing, from Bennie Motton's orchestra, could be seen as representing the Kansas City platform tradition of platform blues, as illustrated by famous songs recorded with Basie's tape, such as Sent for Youesterday and Boogie Woogie. After leaving Basie, Rushing began a solo and singing career with other bands who produced great records between the 50s and 60s.

Jimmy Rushing's artistic career ended after he fell ill with leukemia in 1971. His death took place on 8 June 1972 in New York City. The critic Nat Hentoff described Rushing as one of the "greatest singers of the blues" and praised him as a fundamental influence on the development of black folk music after the Second World War.

During his career Rushing has been honored with many awards from music critics. Have a nice weekend rediscovering Jimmy Rushing.

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