Jimmy Dorsey Standard

The Jimmy Dorsey Standard

Jimmy Dorsey - Jimmy Dorsey:The Complete Standard Transcriptions (Stop, Look and Listen, Tangerine e molto altro). Read Jimmy Dorsey's Full Text Stop, Look And Listen from Jimmy Dorsey's album Jimmy Dorsey:The Complete Standard Transcriptions, great success with the title Getting Sentimental, in which he performed that I become sentimental about you, a ballad that later became standard before two more experienced standards, I'm Glad There Is You by Jimmy Dorsey and Stella by Starlight, along with some of the leader's compositions. Benny Goodman and Woody Herman's Big Band.

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The first lessons are dedicated to the development of a good sound on the instrument. It starts with the first exercises in technique, soloeggio and of course reading notes. Then the student learns to play some simple melodies. As soon as the program touches the first stairs, they are immediately used to begin improvising on simple structures.

With this material the students learn how to build their own melodies, paying attention to phrasing, sound, etc... Besides improvisation, part of the time will be devoted to reading at first sight, building a good sound, phrasing and articulation, and of course the technique of the saxophone. Specifically, the lessons are divided as follows: The difference between major and minor "sounds" major and minor intervals in major up to the octave.

The structure of blues and simple tone pieces construction of large, small, diminished triads. Full and twisted quadriads of Maj7 Min7, Dome7, Min-Maj7, Maj7 (#5), August7, Diam7, Dim7, Min7(b5) chords in all shades. KNOWLEDGE MUSICALIFamiliarization with the abbreviations of the least used chords (Maj #5, Dome7 (b9,b13) etc.).

Methodo for Saxophone (Scuola di Ritmo Moderno for Saxophone)

Author: Emiliano Isacchi "Isaak76" Title: The Content: This method was developed to help students of all levels understand the new concepts and ideas of modern music. To achieve this, they used the figure of Jimmy Dorsey, a great representative of Swing Music, as a point of reference, of whom he was one of the greatest performers in the thirties.

On the first pages he explains not only the history of the saxophone and Jimmy Dorsey, but also the assembly process, the meaning of the different parts of the saxophone and the correct posture when playing standing and sitting. Like any decent method, this one includes the explanation of the basic terms: standard and covered fingering, changes, symbols, scales, arpeggios, exercises, etc.; but the really interesting part are the chapters on double/triple reed beat, vibrato and especially improvisation.

In addition, there are some examples of Jimmy Dorsey's personal interpretations in the form of âa soloâ and reproductions of excerpts from his compositions. The selling price of this method is about 17 Euros with the enclosed CD, so a very ridiculous number for all affordable, but is also available as a version without CD.

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