Jimmy Dorsey Band

The Jimmy Dorsey Band

The Tommy & Jimmy Dorsey Band Alumni. and His Dorseyland Jazz Band. The clarinettist Jimmy Dorsey swung harder than - and often with - his brother Tommy. On his own he led his band through every style from Dixieland to Bop. Big Band era giants:

Jimmie Dorsey.

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known as Jimmy (Shenandoah, 29 February 1904 - New York, 12 June 1957), was an American clarinettist and saxophonist. woikipedia..... 1991: 'Giants of the Big Band Era''' ''Live in New York 1955-1956''' ''Swingin'' In Hollywood'''.

Testi Album: Amapola - Jimmy Dorsey & His Orchestra - Big Band Favorites

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Standards of Jazz: A Guide to Repertoire - Ted Gioia

Anche the orchestre di Earl Hines, Stan Kenton, Jimmy Dorsey e Bunny Berigan, tra sil..... With Benny Goodman, Chick Webb, Glenn Miller, Jimmy Dorsey and others, "One O'Clock Jump" has been added to their repertoire, so that the.... During the Great Depression, songs about money were popular: His recording of "Pennies from Heaven" together with Jimmy Dorsey's band.....

Film - with Lena Horne, Jimmy Dorsey and Hazel Scott among the participants - and .....

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