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Buy Internet Radio online from a large selection in the electronics store. The best deals for HiFi With Internet Radio in HiFi components on the first Italian comparator, enjoy music services such as Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, Amazon Music, TuneIn Internet Radio and others. There are also theme radios and mood radios. Where Pandora offers free and paid Internet radio services, you can listen to them wherever you are.

Final availability of Sharp Internet wireless service

Having already presented them at IFA 2018, Sharp has now finally launched its Internet and Internet radio on the European market. With high-end sound quality and all the features you'd expect from a modern playback device, its styling enables seamless integration into your living environment.

The Sharp DR-450 and DR-S460 radios are characterised by an elegant style with wooden body, aluminium front, telescopic antenna and adjustable screen. Both models feature DAB/DAB+/FM and ADS reception and offer Bluetooth Wi-Fi Streaming to play your favourite playlists directly from your smart phone or tray.

The DR-S460, unlike the 450, has 30 watts of 30 watts of stereo sound. The 3.5 mm AUX input can also be used to connect all types of playback devices.

The DR-450 and DR-460 are available in the colours white, grey and wood for 119 and 139 Euro respectively. The DR-I470 Internet radio is also equipped with DAB/DAB+/FM and Bluetooth reception. After connecting via Wi-Fi, the device receives up to 10,000 Internet radio stations. Connected via Bluetooth to smartphones or tablets, it can play music from streamed services such as Spotify, with direct access to over 35 million tracks.

The DR-I470 is now available in the colours white, grey and wood and costs from 179 Euro.

Dab Radio, the best products available at Amazon.

Radio station Che Kosa significa Do? In 2007, the system was transformed from one of the leading systems within Germany Dab+. In fact, it is the transmission system used today, even in Italy. To listen to a digital program, you need a specially developed receiver. Totti in svendita su Amazon. Good digital radio, the swab frequencies are clear.

The radio has a comfortable form to move around in different environments. Listen to a large number of radio stations with information on the LC screen such as program type, name, bidet and signal level thanks to digital reception and traditional FM frequency. High-tech radio with the latest version of the DAB+ digital reception system, whose sound quality is comparable to that of a CD!

Good Internet radio reception. The advantage of the three connection types (ir, daab and analogue radio) is remarkable.

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