Indie Folk Singers

Independent folk singers

Indie Folk is a musical genre that was developed in the mid-90s by some representatives of indie rock music, which was particularly influenced by the folk music of the 50s, 60s and 70s and by country music. But also how indie people can sometimes be indigestible for you. Vocalists - Beautiful, Robots, My Music, Vocalists, Robotics, Robots, Robots, Vocalists. The American indie folk band Fleet Foxes has released a short film "I Am All That. Perhaps the first Italian singer/songwriter influenced by Brassens and all French schools.

I' m noting your name on the indie music scene.

Without losing myself in too many pleasant things, I give Gerardo Balestrieri the floor to explain the project/work in hand in detail, inspired by Corto Maltese, the mercenary captain of Hugo Pratt, protagonist of adventures all over the world. Having noted, I would say, your passion for the Corto Maltese, a passion I have had since my youth, how did the idea of going through the adventures/travels of the character of Hugo Pratt originate in music?

The idea of releasing an LP dedicated to Corto Malta was a little lightning bolt for me some time ago in Venice. I knew Pratt through Paolo Conte... But I've already dedicated myself to conceptual albums dedicated to some specific characters... Songs of the salty sea (that's the title) is a 12-song record that tells the story and characters that Corto likes and values dearly to him.

Play music and lyrics through the stories and characters the sailor of Hugo Pratt loves. The figure of Corto Maltese is obviously central, but leaves plenty of room for other figures and stories. The file contains the greatest attempt to never mention him by name.

How much do you recognize yourself in Corto? Would you like a discotheque for Corto Malteser? He was born on 15 June because they are marked by twins like Corto Moaltese and his author Hugo Pratt. How did the fact of living in Venice, the place of many of Corto's adventures, influence and influence the creation of the project you are working on?

I don't think I would have done this project in Monfalcone... Not so much about Corto Moaltese, but more about his author. I' m trying to physically trace the places that cost Pratt dear. I understand that your approach to Corto will be a 360° approach. I don't draw for Pratt's drawings or look for imitators who remember them.

For a year to write, record and print the disc while you organize the collection that allows you to make reservations and donations. It will be a hard disk, which I will not place on Spotify, Youtube etc.... Who wants to book it... A record for those who love Corto Malta and really want to contribute to the project. A record to be followed by two more... to complete all the stories dedicated to the Lord of Destiny... When we have something... deepen, spread and support... embraces.

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