How to be Punk Rock

Getting Punkrock

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How to Become a Rock Punk Girl: 9 Steps

If you really wanted to be a punk rock girl, you wouldn't be looking on the web for a guide to become a punk rock girl. You don't have to dress, act, or think in any way to be punk. That'?s the beauty of being punk. It'?s not a way of appearing, it's a way of thinking, a way of living.

Punkers usually join forces because they have been marginalized in one way or another by "normal" society. But not all punks are just among them. You date whoever you want, you don't have to label your friends. Uai ai concertti! Wherever you live, there will always be concerts and shows.

Your local group will not be great, but go visit them anyway, pay the ticket and support the show. That'?s what it means to be punk. Respect the concerts you will see. Many concerts and shows are cancelled because there are people in the audience who don't know how to behave respectfully.

See if there's any concerts in town. As a rule, many concerts take place in the conurbations, also with well-known bands. Check out bandsites, blogs and community networks (e.g. myspace) to see when they come near you. Finding your own punk is the best thing you can do.

If you are here, you probably know it and you already know one or two bands. The punks of the past had no access to the web, but you can use it to quickly search for and listen to your music. Prepare flyers or help with distribution. Ask if you can help with the concerts, the stay in the lobby or the cleaning.

Form and band. It' not an essential thing, but it seems that people take it for granted that a punk man can play any instrument, while the punk girl... so if you want, why not? Originally, punk was about bringing rock music back to a basic, unpretentious level, and many punk bands preferred passion and fun over musical ability.

If you want to do more complicated things, even with only one group of 3 chords, you will learn faster because you play with other people, and your group will also give you the opportunity to meet people who can help you improve (and maybe form another band!). Many punk musicians began in the most open atmosphere of the early days of punk.

There are two sides to the coin, as with many other things that affect the punk community. Reading is a wonderful way not only to become smarter, but also to eliminate stereotypes about punks. Punk shouldn't be about race, sex, religion or anything like that. There are several survival strategies you can use, and with a little luck you can meet another punk girl on the same wavelength as you.

Don't be the idiot who creeps into concerts. If you don't feel punk enough, don't kid yourself, go find something else. Don't stay out in the parking lot at concerts. Go inside and listen to the bands you came for and buy the ticket.

Don't wear the shirt of a ribbon that you don't know anything about! Don't talk about unknown bands or topics. Don't try to be the stereotype of punk. Punk guys are looking at that bum out there. It shows that you can be a punk rock girl with good manners and education.

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