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Sleater-Kinney "The Hot Rock" LP. For this venue, Frenzy play their regular super mix of classical and retro rock, blues, funk/disco and rockabilly. Burning guitars, hard rock riffs, driving energy and great attitude. The certification in contemporary music focuses on different styles, including: CHOICE FREE / HOT ROCK.

The Enciclopedia of Musical Rock (1980-1989)

During August, during the remakes of "Woodstock", Weir is the protagonist of a hot tuna show with Hot Tuna, Band, Wasserman and Hornsby. 1984 PARTY BROKEN 1984 party broken points, although not released in the USA, what.... Chilli Peppers, whose first track Out In L.A. was in 1984. The multi-faceted and rich style of the....

What is very little noticed: Hot George (Moonlight), signed Beau Brummel, .....

The VOLCANO HEAT - Pages 12 to 13

You Are Right " free of charge from 25 Dec 2010! Eight volcanic tunes from different rehearsals and 2009 sound-check! Wolcano Heat, a powerful rock nude and immediate rock nude rock but particularly concise (...) Wolcano Heat comes out with a good self-produced and proudly recorded in Block A by Giulio Favero.

"Zurrender / live at Blocco A" offers a modern reinterpretation of the sound of the 70s garages-bands. On Saturday, April 10th, Eagle Trip of Motta di Livenza (TV) hosts the concert of two Venetian bands: the postnuclear Gruungers MANDS OFF ALICE and VOLCANO HEAT, hot rock'n'roll under the influence of Warrior Soul, Stooges and the most distorted garages.

Volcano Heat, a powerful Venice based band, is back with their latest album " Surrender / Live at Block A". After the good response to the previous "And The Lights Goes Out", 5 new songs are released today in Block A by Giulio "Ragno" Favero (bassist of the Il Teatro degli Orrori), a reference character for Italian alternative rock.

Volcano Heat deliver a work on the short distance, with slight references to Beatles and Nirvana, reinterpreted here with a competitive charge and a powerful and inspired soundtrack. Volcano Heat, the Venetian powerful threesome, is back to play his rock. On Friday, February 5th, they will present their latest feature "Surrender" via play on Joe Monday.

After the good recording of the previous "And The Lights Goes Out" they produced 5 new songs which were recorded in block A by Giulio "Ragno" Favero (bassist of the Il Teatro degli Orrori), a reference character for Italian alternative rock.

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