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Fifty tough, rocky masterpieces of masterpieces, which you may never have heard before.

The world of Hard and Heavy is endless in terms of the number of bands and albums. From the beginning of the 70s until today there are several thousand releases, which are characterized by this soundtrack. Often it is obscure bands who have recorded beautiful but little known albums that have anticipated the sounds and styles of the sacred monsters of the genre.

There are also bands from the 80s and 90s that deserved more luck and for various reasons never reached the general public. And finally, songs by historical groups that were never considered what they were, or masterpieces.


Bram Stoker, a prog rock group, was founded in the summer of 1969 in Brighton, England, by Anthony Bronsdon (Hammond), Pete Ballam (guitar), Rob Haines (drums) and Jon Bavin (bass). Bram Stoker, influenced by the gothic imagination, signed a record deal with the owner of the independent label and Rolling Stones executive Tony Calder.

Over time, the group has acquired the musical imprint of progressives and psychedelic rock gothics with which they are notoriously identified today.

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Vinnie Jonex Band's new Heavy Rock XP released today

From today, Thursday 28 March, "Più callmo di te" (self-produced), the new European version of the Roman rock group Vinnie Jonez Volume, will be available in electronic form and on all stream platforms. The five-track work follows the previous album "Nessun crortesia all'uscita" (2016) and represents a turning point for the group, which wants to keep the roughness of the sounds and structures intact and give the pieces a more melodic cut.

"More Calm than You", produced by the Vinnie Jonez Band, was recorded, mixed and mastered at Hell Smell Studio by Alessandro Gavazzi, Rome. They played: Gianluca Sacchi (vocals and guitar), Marco Cleva (guitar), Ludovico Gatti (bass) and Andrea Ilardi (drums). The Vinnie Jonez Band was born in early 2015 in Palestrina and consists of Gianluca Sacchi (vocals and guitar), Marco Cleva (guitar), Ludovico Gatti (bass) and Andrea Ilardi (drums).

The band immediately finds their own style, a heavy rock with nuances of toner and garages, and immediately writes and records their own music. You can find more articles in the category "Music".

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