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who are learning two emerging genres, speed metal and punk rock. Suonano Punk Rock. Take a look at our selection: Punk rock pins. E-Guitar Rock Jazz Punk Revers Pin Heavy Metal. Widodo "is a notorious fan of heavy metal music groups, including Metallica".

DOUSTSUCKER - Heavy Punk Hard Rock

COME, SO I SAY WE START WITH A SHORT PRESENTATION OF THE GROUP. Max Farmer and I are the two founding members of the group and we play some kind of old-fashioned Hardrock with some Punkrock influence. I can tell you that we mainly think about writing good music instead of trying to be the fastest or hardest bands or showing technique.

As for our main influences, we like the big bands of the past, both Punkrock or Glamrock as well as Heavy Metal/Hardrock. OKAY, SO LET'S TALK ABOUT THE NEW RECORD, THE DOMINANCE OF DIAMONDS. "Sure, the new record contains twelve new, breakneck tracks and was once again released on LMP.

As you probably know, there is something that could have come out better, but that's a normal thing about releasing an album. What you're looking for is an excellent one. Another really awesome thing about the new record is that on one track there is a solo by "Jeff Waters (Annihilator)". WHAT THEN ARE THE MAIN DIFFERENCES BETWEEN "DIABOLODOMINIERUNG" AND THE PREVIOUS "JACK KNIFE RAENDEZVOUS"?

"First we have a new producer and it seems that this is a kind of "karma" for us because we had a different producer for each one. If you compare the new record with Jack Knife Rendezvous you hear more metallic influences and different songs recorded like the same title track (the fastest song ever written by us).

Diabolo Domination' summarizes practically all our musical influences, so I don't think we have a second part of 'Jack Knife Rendezvous' in front of us, just with replaced titles and lyrics. As I said before, the recordings with Uwe went very well, while with the previous albums we had more pressure and fear of not finding an optimal understanding with the producer".

ABOUT UWE LULIS' ROLE AS PRODUCER OF DIAMOLO DOMINANCE? It wasn't like some other bands who just show up with excerpts of songs and then have to put everything together in the recording room. LET'S TALK ABOUT THE TEXT OF THE "DIABOLODOMINIERUNG". "We' re dealing with different themes in the new record.

We try to avoid the usual clich├ęs such as writing an LP about girls and alcohol. SO WHAT DOES THE TITLE "DIABOLODOMINIERUNG" MEAN? HOW WAS IT RECEIVED BY CRITICS AND THE PUBLIC "DIABOLODOMINIERUNG"? For example, we got a nice 8 in the soundcheck column of the German Heavy magazin. TO TELL US WHAT TAPES HAVE MARKED YOUR LIFE.

That' s the difference between a fake group and a group of real fans. We don't do it for economic reasons... just for passion for metals and rock". SO WHAT DO YOU THINK IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN YOU AND OTHER BANDS IN THE SAME GENRE? "The difference is that we are not strictly divided into a certain genre...we are not a real heavy vocal or seven -minute heavy metallic group, but we are not even a typical punk'n'roll group.

The first round didn't go very well, we were young and made a lot of mistakes in the recording room... the result was a kind of crippled mixture of punk and heavy Rock. After the second record we stayed here for five years and during that time we improved as musicians and released a kind of bridge record, 'Hookers Planet' from 2001.

All these first albums were released under our own label Zylinder Records. The first professional record in 2004 was Rock'n' Roll Sniper, an extremely direct record that was a turning point in our career. Jack Knife Rendezvous' was finally a good summary of that time, with some pretty heavy figures.

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