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Rock Hardcore Music

And listen again to the bands that have written the history of the genre, the most memorable hard rock bands. Hard rock to hardcore. It' invaluable for any serious collector of hard rock music. Because of the diversity it has developed, rock and roll is often very difficult to define. Over the years other derived genres like Pop-Rock, Hard Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Glam Rock, Heavy Metal and Punk Rock have emerged.

Memorabilia of Rock & Rock & Cinnamon Group

Today Hardrock bands aren't talked about too often anymore. For example, if it's true that perhaps even rock itself is in decline, you can see its origin in dozens of other genres. Groups that are also very far away from this time of year - ideologically and chronologically. All I can say is it'?s not easy to get rid of Rock.

And listen again to the bands that have written the history of the genre, the most memorable rock bands. Let's start with the fathers of hard rock, the British Led Zeppelin. Founded in 1968, the group was the first to mix rock and blues, not neglecting even the influences of rock and folkabilly. In this way he would achieve enormous success and influence dozens of other bands that would multiply especially in the Anglo-Saxon world.

There were four historic members: Robert Plant on vocals, Jimmy Page on guitar, John Paul Jones on bass and John Bonham on drums. By then the English group had released 8 albums to which a ninth, coda, "posthumously" was added. Especially the early ones are still regarded as milestones of the rock today.

Also in 1968, and always in England, another group was born to shape the history of rock. It was a group that would have moved in the direction of even harder sounds, unlike Led Zeppelin. Born in the patchwork of new genres and styles that marked the transition from the'60s to the'70s, Black Sabbath soon produced heavy metals whose hard rock ribs they regard as the founders.

Despite a story that only seems to be full of success, the Birmingham based group has actually gone through all kinds of passages. Also at the level of training. A date on which the Black Sabbath played at home and celebrated its history. Speaking of history, but among the many musicians who belonged to the line-up at least Ronnie James Dio should be mentioned, singer who replaced Osbourne for some time when he was thrown out of the group for drug abuse in 1979.

After two English groups we also go to America. Because it is true that hard rock was born in the country of Albion, but it is also true that it includes styles that come from overseas. Some British musicians recorded the blue blood, but his homeland was the United States. The most important American Hardrock band of the 70's in our opinion is Aerosmith.

It' s no coincidence that they are often called "America's biggest rock and roll band" (as well as "Bad Boys from Boston"). Founded in 1970 in Massachusetts, the original members of the group were Steven Tyler on vocals, Joe Perry on guitar, Tom Hamilton on bass, Joey Kramer on drums and Ray Tabano, still on guitar.

Our world trip, which began in England and then led to the United States, must now make another stop in Australia. Here, in the greater Sydney area, one of the most famous and important rock bands in history emerged. We are talking about AC/DC, born in 1973 and still very active in the world of the hardest and most exciting music.

Around them, various musicians changed during the first years, even though the line-up stabilized around 1977. The lead guitar was played by Angus (and he is the only original member in the line-up), rhythm guitar by Malcolm, bass by Cliff Williams, drums by Phil Rudd and vocals by Bon Scott.

With these members the group recorded their first planetary success, Hwy to Hell, in 1980. Everything could have collapsed, but the group found a more than valid replacement in Brian Johnson. In the following years the formation changed several times, while the records experienced moments of commercial crisis and rebirth.

Live on the other hand, the group has always given their best and created unforgettable tours. But if you're just a little passionate about music, you know that this name is associated with another big rock group, the last one on our list. I' Guns N' Roses, Los Angeles in 1985.

In 1986 the group signed a contract with Geffen Records, which at that time was a breeding ground for rock talent. In the first line-up there was the already mentioned Rose, but also Slash on the lead guitar, Izzy Stradlin on the rhythm guitar, Duff McKagan on bass and Steven Adler on drums. It broke many records, but the history of Guns N' Roses would not be limited to a single work.

Although the group continued to exist, the new material definitely started to run short. In the last few years, however, the group has returned very actively live. And the history of Guns N' Roses has begun again.

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