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Jolly folk music

Because it reminds me of popular inspired circus music. A mixture of positive sound, happy Folk & Funk, Scatenatevi! He also has chillout, psychedelic and acoustic happy folk influences. From instrumental folk to alternative pop by Happy Birthday. Latest tweets from Filid Folk Music (@FilidFolkMusic).

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The first music clip of the Happy Folk Band. Za Downlaod music free search downlaod videos you can downlaod all the associated videos.

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Stripping: The Happy Trees - Album

"Believe", "Can", "Change" are the three keywords of "Believe it", the new album of Ila & The Happy Trees. A record in which man is the absolute protagonist, with his fears, his joys, his hopes, his dreams. There' s a feeling in this record, a different feeling than usual.

Think that it is so: At first you can't understand the feeling that the 12 songs leave on you. "This is a record that could annoy the cynics; it doesn't want to be a sequence of goodistic or rhetorical songs, but a simple admonition to be better than you and continue to follow your dreams, because I really believe in the potential of each of us".

Do you think that this is a popular Italian and English written album, which does not lack forays into global music with La lingua (in Genoese, Italian and English) and O ÇÊ (in Genoese and Portuguese) to underline the internationality of the music of Ila & The Happy Trees and the fact that it is important for Ila to use different languages as a simple expressive "tool".

"It is the song that tells me in which language it should be sung. If I knew 10 languages, I'd use them all." Believe it's 12 songs represent the different facets of the Ila and her band's world: the ironic rhyme popular Tu genico; the sun, a metaphorical journey into their fears; Bolla with its overwhelming charge and full of emotion; the melancholic fairy tale of O ÇÊÊ; the touching into a transformation; not to mention the global drop Water Ocean.

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