Gypsy Punk Rock

Gipsy Punk Rock

Underdog World Strike (Gypsy Punks) Copertina Album. Rock, Folk, World, & Country. Eugene Hutz (Gogol Bordello) is an established actor. Find the perfect stock photo of Gogol Band Gogol Bordell. Gypsy Punk creates a fusion of eastern European folk and western rock band.

The most popular gypsy punk band in the world, Gogol Bordello.

After Gogol Bordello, the most popular gypsy punk group in the world, set the stages of a peninsula on fire last year, they return to our country after four unforgettable concerts. Mr. Eugene Hütz and his companions will be the great protagonists of the 58th edition of the Majano Festival, a historical musical, cultural and gastronomic event that has attracted tens of thousands of visitors to the hilly city of Friuli Venezia Giulia every summer for more than half a century.

The date with the music and energy of Gogol Bordello is therefore scheduled for Sunday 22 July (21.30), the only concert in the northeast of the band's small Italian tour. Gogol Bordello, the world's most popular gypsy punk group, led by the eccentric and talented Eugene Hütz, is a real guarantee of fun.

Like real gypsies they never tire of bringing their sounds to stages all over the world, their shows are overwhelming, energetic, disrespectful, Eugene and his crew know how to involve the audience by having fun and having fun that helps you like few others can. The advantages of the group do not stop at the single and incredible performances, but have seven albums behind them, among them the hits "Super Taranta!

UnterdogWorldStrike" and the latest "Seeker and Finder", published on August 25th last year at Cooking Vinyl / Edel. "The first album produced by Eugene himself is "Seekers and Finders", which says: "Seekers and Finders is a magical and carefree album for us". You could say that the record contains the quintessence of the group, as they themselves said "the Good, the Bad and the Snugly".

Written during a long stay on three continents, "Seekers and Finders" finds the multicultural essence of its 9 components in excellent form; violin, accordion, trumpet and harimba are combined with guitars, drums and bass in harmony with the classical rock formation. "The songs started when I was dividing myself between Latin America and Eastern Europe, but in the end everything became clearer and more concentrated as soon as I returned to New York... it was always the same for me there," says Eugene.

Gogol Bordello sono Eugene Hütz (Voce/Chitarra), Sergey Ryabtsev (Violino), Thomas Gobena (Basso), Pedro Erazo-Segovia (Voce/Percussioni), Pasha Newmerzhitsky (Fisarmonica), Boris Pelekh (Chitarra), Alfredo Ortiz (Batteria), Pamela Racine (Voce/Percussioni), and Vanessa Walters (Voce/Percussioni). Gogol Bordello, who is loved for his rhythmic and adrenaline-filled performances, will play the leading role at the Majano Festival on July 22nd as the first big name in the 58th edition of the historic event, which will reveal its full calendar in the coming weeks.

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