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Traduzione ground floor

What's the first floor? Ground floor : the translation of the Hoepli English-Italian dictionary. Translation of the term first floor into Italian. An Italian translation of "ground floor" | La Collins official English-Italian dictionary online. First floor, first floor, Pianterreno.

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There is a coffee shop on the first floor next to the main entrance. Office buildings often have shops on the ground floor and a first floor counter, just behind the office building counter. On the ground floor (UK) Mr Brown was living in a ground floor apartment. He lives in an apartment of the famous painterreno. And Harry began on the ground floor and worked his way up.

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Traduzione in Tedesco - ground floor

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English vocabulary - construction industry

Steels used in ferroconcrete, which should meet the standards for pre-stressed pre-stressed formwork. Known also as open carrier. c. a.) (conglomerato conementizio armato): Ferroconcrete( "reinforced concrete") with reinforcement bars or woven wire cloth. - fasturata metalica: rebar steels used in ferroconcrete which should meet the standards for pre-stressedoncrete.

  • casseforme: SchalungA timber formwork that contained cement during installation and curing. Known as formwork. Known asasting. - SettingA procedure used to bring newly laid freshly poured concretes to the necessary rigidity and grade by keeping moisture and temperatures at a certain level for a certain amount of it.

Known as spice. - the bottom of a closed room. Known also as base mats. Foundations that carry a focused burden, such as a separate pillar. - Large, thick, usually armoured cement slab that transmits forces from a series of pillars or pillars and faces to the bedrock or ground below.

Known also as float founding. -lamellar: means glueA which is produced by bonding two or more coats of timber with an glue so that the grain sizes of all the coats are approximately the same. - Copriata semplice: Royal mullion beamsA timber attic with two main beams supported by a horizontally supported timber joist, a royal mullion standing erect between timber joist and crown, and usually two braces to the beams from a thickener at the royal mullion base.

One blockA concave stone building with one end covered and the other end open and with a web in between, so that when the building blocks are placed in a single partition, two cell are created. - In calcestruzzo: construction elements of blocks, bricks or tiles built of bricks.

This is a dividing panel that carries a vertically loaded structure. - A wall with which large divisions were created in a single shed. - Trutura di un solaio: floor frame floor joist together with its struts and uprights. - floor systemA ceiling system in which a precast floor panel is braced by steel girders.

Known also as pent top. - Plain rooftopA rooftop that is only inclined so that the rain can run off. - hipped eavesA four-slope sloping top; the two short ends are three-sided. - tetto piano non praticabile: cover ceilingA nearly level ceiling without a sill.

  • Due due fall su timpano: pitched roofAn inclined pitched top hat that creates a pediment at each end.

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