Green Eyes Jimmy Dorsey

Jimmy Dorsey Green Eyes

When your sparkling eyes. Affirmative / Ma, she looks at me /'Roung Midnight / New York Theme / Tin Tin Tin Deo. Jimmie Dorsey & his orchestra, Jimmie Dorsey & his orchestra. The ORIGINAL / Helen O'Connell and Bob Eberly with the Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra. I' ve only eyes for you.

Philip Roth - La machia umana

Silk Coleman has a secret, he has kept it well hidden for everyone for decades, for everyone, for everyone, even for his wife. And hell breaks loose and manifests in its worst way with the people he thought were about to ruin his life. The Coleman becomes a scapegoat for incomprehensible sins. There is no escape, because "we leave a stain, we leave our traces.

Impurity, cruelty, abuse, error, excrement, seed: there is no other way to be here. One of Philip Roth's most famous novels, raw, direct, violent; a precise and deliberate accusation of seriousness and falsehood that permeates contemporary culture and society.

Critical musical and musicistic gazebos

He is the editor-in-chief of the bimonthly magazine "Musica News" of the Centro Jazz Calabria, the founder of which he is together with Francesco Stezzi, an association that for over twenty years has also promoted the Academy of Jazz Festivals at the University of Calabria and the "Jazz Club" concert season in various theatres of Cosenza.

He currently writes for the monthly "La Sila" (Cosenza) and the online journals "A proposito diazzazz" (Rome) and "Corriere del Sud" (Crotone) and has 23 volumes of essays, forewords, conference proceedings and articles in books, newspapers, magazines and records.

He has worked with universities and conservatories and has taught music and communication topics in university courses in the Calabria region. His interests lie in the musical field (from classical and ancient music to ethnomusical and musical theatre) of the performing arts and the visual arts, with particular attention to local and southern history (see the recent volumes Brutium Graffiti and La scene na del crime in Pagliacci) in general, with a historical-social approach that pays attention to the more general connections and contexts in the Italian and international cultural scene.

On a theoretical level, he examines the emergence of the creative act, the "senses" of " classical music" and analyzes the topics stylistically/retorically in classical music (in the first book of the trilogy Il Giro del Jaza in 80 Discs) as well as the characteristics of a possible "jazz evaluation" (in "Agenda Jaza"). On the journalistic level, he has written six collections under a pseudonym with a graphic-literary and humorous character for the types of La Sila/Musica News.

As an author and instrumentalist (guitars, double bass, mandola, copper, cavaquinho, harmonica, keyboards) he was part of several groups (Caverns, La Ditta, Canzoniere Popolare Calabrese, Folk Pop, Quartetto Consentia di musicica in renaissance), JazzArt, At(ti)moSphera), who played the music of the albums Etnopolis (Cjc/Irsdd, 1991), Elegia (Cjc, A livelo jazzy live, among others, with Massimo Urbani, Roberto Ottaviano, Nicola Pisani, Piero Cusato, Angelo Adamo.

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