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... Italian rock Progressivo, a progressive rock music subgenre. # Mi piace la musica rock #

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The LOVE CARAVAN is the first genuine and original Italian music project launched in 1969 on the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the Woodstock Festival, offering in a unique way the classics of the historical festival that has become a symbol of a cultural and artistic era over time. There are 9 professional elements in the group and Anthony Basso (WIND, Anthony & The Crossfire) leads the group.

Finally, the music that enchanted the last century returns! Thanks to the wandering format "Painting of Blues", the Blue in all its nuances returns to the squares, theatres and pubs. The best bands follow each other on the same stage and create the magical atmosphere that the blue has given us over the last 100 years.

In memory of the songs that have made entire generations dance, the band brings the greatest Italian and international hits of the 70s to life. On stage, the four boys offer a faithful homage in the arrangements as well as in the choral mixes and arouse emotions in the audience of all ages.

Frammkestein's show is unique in its kind, reproducing not only the original sounds of the mythical German group, but also the original sounds of their own shows with sets that Rammstein uses in their lives: special effects, choreography, effects of high scenic effect. Like in the 1950s, rock and roll, rock-a-billy and surf.

Grown up with the brilliant sounds of Little Richard, Elvis Presley, Gene Vincent and the other sacred monsters of Rock & Roll, Beppe Lentini ignites the evenings with the Great Balls Of Fire with a show full of fun and the irresistible grooves of the fabulous 50s. Two bands on the same stage for a unique evening!

These are two bands from the two pillars of Italian rock making, who meet on the same stage for an evening with Vasco Rossi and Ligabue. The " Coke What? " before the " Between Stage and Reality " for a show without precedents and without equals! The Dave and Silkworms offer the right musical composition for a swim in the magical 70s discotheque music!

Thirteen elements on stage to reproduce the typical atmosphere of the music that made a whole generation dance! All the Italian music in one show! Italian music, yella vertical! Two hours of pure fun with the great successes from the 60s until today, all for singing and dancing, for unforgettable evenings full of emotions!

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