Good Punk Rock Songs

Great Punk Rock Songs

Not even knowing if my songs were good, I was an insecure little kid. S. I. B. LP is perhaps the best Italian punk LP.

Whilst its good it is not great. "Paola plays with Rock'n'Roll and Punk American Rock of the 70s with great personality, a little Joan Jett, a little Suzy Quatro, with songs that scratch". When you want to listen or buy more songs, recorded by our first Ep!


"&the exquisite sounds of the productions allow plenty of room for the lively and pulsing guitars of the musicians who plunge headfirst into bigiffs, soli and parts of great styles, full of charm and attraction, even sexual, as the big openinger Love My Game shows. "Exceptional tone reproduction leaves much room for the lively and pulsing guitars of the female performer who plunges headfirst into great styles ofiffs, soli and parts, lots of charm and charm... great vocals in mood and sensual".

Punk romance Kalashnikov Kollektiv

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Which is the best kind of puppy hearts you have? And what is heaven for the instincts of dogs?

Who we are about to find out more about JodedosS

After two years in a rehearsal room and several gigs mainly in Northern Italy, in June 2015 the first self-produced album " Maledettamente SI" was released with 5 official tracks and 3 experimental B-Side, the genre of which is mainly around punk, with many influences, from Grunge to Post-Punk to Alternative.

PLEASE MAKE ME LIKE OUR FACEBOOK PAGE AND HEAR THE VOICES OF SPOTIFY E ITUNES! Hello everybody!!! on this 16th June 2018 our new record #numerodue with 8 songs was published official. It can be heard on all types of electronic media (spotify, italic, italics, etc.) and can also be purchased through our liveshows in real time.

Hello everyone! thanks for your assistance Our songs, you can find on the "google playmaker artist" under the following link: When you want to hear or buy more songs, recorded from our first release Ev! Just) go to Google Player, find us and buy Buy More songs or maybe you want to buy Rep ;-)!!!

Jodedoss! here are some news: our vocalist, and recently became a father, so it will not be playing until January this year. We are still composing songs for the new record, whose recording is scheduled for early this year. Meanwhile climboltatevi two songs titled "Lato Positivo" and "Non mi Angoscio" from our first album " Maledettamente Si", which was published in June last year....

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