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Punk Rock Bands

But I don't think all of them fit into the punk/rock genre. YouTuber Pop Punk Band" is our new statement We will upload several videos! They are one of the bigger "Buzz" bands of recent years, and for good reason. The pioneer of the Maltese punk scene, Eric il-Punk, dies. Good Riddance lives in our beautiful city!


Streets Justice Rock'n' Rock! Hey! - Punk rock from Savona! Fight R'n'r Punk Bone from the south of Sardinia. Florence hard-core tape with rage. The best punk rock from Salerno. The homepage of the Ska-Punk bènd. Disrespectful punk skirt from Formia. Punk tape website with photos, texts, guest book, dates and on request you can order our free demonstration "Someone hits you" or the free of charge living video disc "Kanonikaos 2004", we set the money for the expedition!

1996 Dal Torino hard-core. The site of the mighty Oi! bénd foriorentina. Direct Action Perugia Oi! myspace of the anti-fascist group Direct Action from Perugia. Punk Bologna Group. Punk Hard-core from Praticello. The side of the singer of the morality police. Place of a wild pancake curvature of the Vercellians. This is Gothic Punk 'n' Roll da Piacenza with former members of Bloodline, Extinzione, Michael Myers, Mas Ruido and Dracula Drivers!

Photo, test, mp3 scoreabili. Page of this young Bergamo group! From punk rock he develops into melodic hc. The new final version of the website, which is under construction, will be online in 3 days at the latest. ll find out about the punk-demential tape Genovese. Volume Oi! that proposes: concerts, group, lyrics, photos, listening, reviews left.

Un) Kasino di cannzoni punk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Punk volume website with concert dates, photos, mp3s, lyrics, guestbooks.... and everything you need. Offical website, messages, biography, photos, messages of the group. The hard-core ruffians of Roman castles! Very cheerful site with four young musicians who orientate themselves on punk and approach it in every other genre... not to be missed!

The Roma's emotionally hard-core! The page of the seventieth bénd de Roma. What are you waiting for to visit her website? ufficial seat. An indie punk group inspired by situationism and punk 77, a group born in Novara in 2005 that has been carrying his songs and lyrics ever since, liberating ideas and passions so as not to fuck in the head!

Inspired by Punk'77, Riot Punk Volume, Punk'77, Punk and Nu Garages and Situationism start a production that leads back to old-fashioned punk, it's an aspiring volume that deserves to be known! Punk group Rock del Varesotto..... The Dedratz Punk Rock'n'Fottiti. Roma punk hard-core group.

Rock punk up and crazy, screaming, comes out of her belly and returns to the eardrum to make her whistle. New website of the "Ubriachi in Pubblico", Punk&Ska from Rome. Official website of Drunkin' Public, Punk & Ska directly from the Roman suburbs. The official website of the punkardcore bènd capitolina: visit, larvae. Hate Rock, GG Allin Styl Punk Catastrophes from Milan.

Old school hardtcore from Bologna. Page with many photo interviews new lyrics!!!!! of the hardcore-punk-band WATTIE!!!!!!!!!!!!! The official website of the historic punk group of La Spezia. Tell me about it. The page of the fat rocker in comashi! Punk da Monza. Deadly Oi! heart::: site of the Turin based Fitzsimmons group, full version of the first demos + mix + video.

The site of the youngest punk rock group in Italy! Smoke photo the Sex Pistols. Punk Rock Band Mo. The official homepage of the most hated Punk-HC-group of the South-Pontine. Gonzales' Website (still under construction!)! Cagliari con ex-Bornsick, Full Of Hatred/Disagio. Russe Meyer/Charles Bukowski orientated punk rock.....

Official site of the most popular punk rock group in southern Italy. Extensive list of the bands' and the best zines' hyperlinks on the network and a cheerful satire updated daily about the Italian live movement. Turin punk rock 80s. Out of Pordenone is one of the biggest punk bands in Italy. Messages, photo, interval etc.

ufficial seat! Punkrock in italian language! Volume of the Bologna south Bologna Hardcore-Trash series. It is the seat of k'e-k'e-m da Isili (NU). Mp3s, photos, concerts signaling. Small portal to the punk rock scene in Cattolica. Tortona Punk Rock, no use! Psychotic teens in high school. The official website of the hard-core group from Aosta, one of the pillars of punk and national production.

Tuscan punk rock! Hard-core da Milano. Tunto suite Street Rock'n Roll Punk Meneghina Volume..... Photos, concerts, discography, videos, mp3s, recommended discs and many other amenities.... Official website of Linea, Italian punk rock group, author of a mixture of rock, reggae, ska and healthy punk, all in Italian.

The site offers biography, discography, photos and texts as well as information about concerts and the latest music. With MySpace dei Linea, Mailänder fight rock group on tour for more than 15 years. Punk-Ska and reggae are a powerful mixture of the two. Grand Punk Rock a-la Ramones, da Alessandria.

Punk. The site will be active in all its functions in a very short time and a CD with 4 tracks will be released at the end of July. Official website of the punk & roll group from Turin. Appointment concerts, MP3 and photo a volontÃ, guest book. More information about the group can be found there...... Emotional punk rock from the province of Modena... the website of Mercenary God, a Friulian punk rock group that was active between 1978 and 1981.

Just now the CD MERCENARY GOD 1981 was released, which contains a 1981 picture, the tracks of the Challenge-compile, videos, photos and original fanzines. Official website of the angepissten 3 chords dot ribbon from Cesena / Catholics. Photo, MP-3, Links, Forum..... Page of the maize. An idiot's unseat per an idiot's group! A punk group from Padua that was active from 1978 to 1980.

Sync, corrected by <font color=#00FF00>elderman -- - for <font color=#00FFFF> -- Site of Natural Deluxe, volume that stands from 99 in the province of Rome=punkrockabillysurfa strictly free of charge and a bunch of nice shit! What is there to add to this group? <font color="#ffff00">-=Bènd=- proudly presents Crema punk group. Modena Punk, DIY or dying!

Turino Hardtcore is a meta old and new scool. The official website of the Italian melodic harcore labels. Quick & Force Hard-core Venezia!!!!!!!!!!!! Site "easy", a page with data, hp3 and other info! pages of the cross-border, hardcore-heayy cross-border of Formia, devastated province of La Tina (ex-IAS and RaMA).

and Condor. Place of the Roman post-punk group that oscillates between political delirium and massacre of employees. Photos, mp3s, concert dates of the groups of Palermo. hard-core punk degeneration from the island of Elba. Turin punk group with former members of Kollettivo, COV and Rotten Brain. Here's a list of their members. Punk Combat Rock de Roma group page: all the news (concerts, CD release, etc.) about the group, which has been playing its own songs in Italian for 99 + covers of Clash.

The man Roltino and the Putrid Liquame : Antitheater-Punk aus Andrescia. Punk da Viterbo. The Rebelde - Forlà Punk/Hardcore Bandwidth. Anticlerical hard-core da Pontecorvo (FR). Rude's Website & Band: obligatory visit. The website of Sba-ndo, Italian punk group 1981. The site contains photos, texts, mp3s, history.

Photo, test, mp3 scoreabili. Finally the official website of Punk Oi! heart beend Palermo is available. On the site you can download their music for free and see photos of the concerts. The side of the toughest Italian punk dementia group. Place of anarchic encrustation bénd of Cagliari. Site really massive and full of material counter-information, news about the bénd and the Italian scene, Sardinian, writings about prisons, vivisection, waste films, anarchy... also inside you will find a rich dispersion of Roberto Camboni as well as a lot of information about his fanzine: Sickpunx, with the possibility to request it by material exchange... the CDs always in the same way, or to 1,50 Euro per piece: IMPERDIBLE!

From Preganziol (TV) one of the most important groups in the Italian punk world. Punk, shka, two-tone, rock steady, reggae. Official website of one of the biggest Italian bands of hard-core. A group of ideas that drive a tractor..... Official website of the punk hartcore group Stomachache from Arezzo! Gang di Crema.

<Aunt Zanzoni Punk </ i>. â??Testis a vagonist! All the lyrics you wanted and never dared to ask. Natural punk. Punkarocking Billy Volume. Bio, Dish, photo, interview itclusive. ll portal del punk rockzanese. The site of the 4 punk rockers from Como, all the latest about the group and their concerts! Official website of the ill punk brown punkwave band of the moment.

Punk rock group from Tortona (Alessandria): their official website. Terrible punk group. The Snob website, between Punk 77 and Punk Street on the outskirts of Milan. 77 Punk da Bologna with members of Nabat and Rude Pravo. Official website of the historical Versilia group. The Marche Street Punk High C. Turin Anarcho-Punk-Hc-Metal-Rock with unanimous assault (???) and testti politicizzati. Go for it!

3p3, valantini, testis, photo..... Tudelise's page from where you can download the beautiful songs of their beautiful EP. Here you can find all the songs of Tudelise. Tudelise were born in Rome in 2003 and like to define their genre Teenage Mutant Ninja-core, a mixture of hardcore, mo, punk rock, metal and pop. Punk rock group alla Ramones. The Targati S. P. Q. R. Punk band known as the Polognese.

Lazy road bandage steno! The history of punk from 76 to 79 with the best waves and also the most famous.... very bloodthirsty! hard-core punk group from Como. The official website of the punk-hc-oi! volume of Parma.... young guys, but already very active in the Emilian scene.

Page of the Punk-HC Bands from the Province of Rome..................................................... Old School Punk Gruppo Punk del mardosa province of the province of mars. Visit the website and send your friends your way to mlp3. Site of the potent tape comprasca. <font face="Trebuchet MS">A punk bénd very very very very good!!!!! Documentation page about Italian Punk/Hardcore from 1977 to 1989. History, photos, lyrics and mp3s unreleased from one of the best hard-core bands ever seen in Italy.

Official retrospective of the Youngblood Roveretans (1985-1989). Website of Zipp, a punk group from Padua that was active from 1977 to 1985. The site contains photos, posters, mp3s, history.

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