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Interview with the one and only Joe King from the Queers: the biggest punk rock band in the world! Little town, good wine and sad people is BlueSide's first album: a record that presents different sounds inside. It was a great day, I still remember every single second : everything was incredible, a great day with a punk rock legend. punk-rock, teenagers and emo. Most likely more rock and roll / kitschy obscenities than real punk.

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Less than a week before the Punk Rock Summer Nationals, the most anticipated event of all Italian punk rockers: Offset, Pennywise and Good Riddance arrive in Milan on June 13th, Market Sound and Rimini Park on June 14th. Both Dexter Holland (vocals, guitar), Naodles (guitar), Greg K (bass), Pete Parada (drums) together form one of the most important and enduring bands in the history of Rock and especially the one that liberated punk and project it from mobbing in the mains.

Founded almost by chance in California in 1989, the group achieved worldwide success in the 90s and became a group of records. The last work is "Days Go By" (2012), a recording - to put it in the words of the group - of hope dedicated to all those who are in trouble because of the current times.

Pennywise, a real Californian punk institution, will also be on stage. Pennywise's trademark is a style of music that combines hardcore with the most melodic surfer punk, and lyrics that collect reflections on the political climate, social standing, and the vicissitudes of everyday life.

But it was "About Time", an 1995 released record that gave him his popularity. Since then, Pennywise's activity has continued at the rapid pace of an LP every two years until 2008, when singer Jim Lindberg leaves the group. The third group to enter the stage is Good Riddance, another leading name for heavycore melody, a group that has sold millions of albums while remaining true to the underlying scene and having an independent label.

They were founded in the early 90s, and after 7 albums and years of endless touring in 2007, they parted ways and dedicated themselves to their personal projects. Good Riddance's music is a means of conveying a concrete message and drawing attention to the issues that are most important to him. The ingredients that make the Punk rock Summer Nationals a truly unforgettable event are punk rocking, fun, activism and, above all, lots of high-quality music.

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