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Nice punk

But it's only been a week since the punk rock rally?! Cheap hotels near Punk Cheers, Catania. The little one, the third of the four agreements ("We're up all night having fun"). Good old days and dreams are over, and you still miss them.

This is a good example of hardcore US style.

Only good Punk - Electro Hippies

Electric whippersnappers, what a great name for a hard-core group! In the second half of the 1980s, in England, in the midst of Napalm's death, there was the horror of extreme noise (???), the deviant instincts, the chaos of the United Kingdom, also electric whippersnappers (but also the fools, The Stupids, but it's another story).

Electro hippies existed from 1985 to 1989 and were a transversal in the sense that they played neither the unborn Grindcore/Crust nor the most typical English politicized harcore, but their mixture of very fast hc and schizoid, dark slow-downs, where the voice gets a bit rougher like in the shell, and from time to time, but without ever exaggerating, they didn't refuse a little more melodic flashes.

Clear as the sun, that in the CD in question, consisting of 40 tracks (all or almost all of their production plus live tracks) is the exaggerated speed of the protagonist of the sound wall of our crazy real estate hatcheriani. This adventure, which was then defined as speed score, was not alone, but accompanied by other fantastic (and unknown) groups like Ketzerei, Intense Degree, Mutant Dogs, Active Minds and another handful of groups, unfortunately or fortunately, overshadowed by the rising holy monsters of the Mahls/Krusten as Napalm Death, Carcass, Bolt Thrower, Extreme Noise Terror, Doom (surely the closest to our heroes)....

For me this anthological CD is worth at least the last 7 - 8 works of Napalm, the whole discography of Carcass with the exception of the first 3, more or less the same for E.N.T. I Doom saved them voluntarily and not because they are "purer", but because time has not made them sticky.

The legends of punk come back to Italy for a single and eagerly awaited date.

The good Charlotte are finally ready to return to Italy and return with style as possible. The Madden Brothers will be in our country for a single long awaited date, Sunday 3 February 2019, at Alcatraz in Milan, but that's not all: the group has also announced the release of a brand new record, Generation RX, scheduled for 14 September.

The concert will therefore be a unique opportunity to see the group at work and hear the explosive songs from the new album. Founded in the mid-1990s, the Good Charlotte have literally increased the weight of popular punk and contributed significantly to bringing the genre into the masses of radio and television.

The debut with their own title Good Charlotte from 2000 already contains hits like Little Things and Festival Song, but with The Young and the Hopeless from 2002 the group is catapulted into the world of music stars. The worldwide success of the group only grows. Good Charlotte reached ever higher heights with The Chronicles of Life and Death in 2004, thanks to hits like I Just Wanna Live and We Believe, which broke through every door of the mainstream: both this album and the subsequent Good Morning Revival (2007) soon became platinum records several times.

After the release of Cardioology in 2010, the group decided to take a break to concentrate on their personal commitment. "We' ve grown up in the group since we were kids, so we've been playing all our lives. We all had to take a break to understand that we were outside the group and to grow and mature on a personal level," said guitarist Benji Madden.

Both Benji and his brother Joel start their own music project, The Madden Brothers, and at the same time work with some of the most famous contemporary punk bands (especially the 5 Seconds of Summer) as composers and producers. The desire to get back into the game, however, is stronger than anything: in 2015 Benji and Joel Madden decide to end the break, and in early 2016 Good Charlotte celebrates a big comeback with the album Youth Authority, produced by modern guru John Feldmann.

The return of the group is enthusiastically received, as the reviews of the Youth Authority and especially the success of the many tours that Good Charlotte undertakes and also plays at major American and European festivals show. On the wave of success, the group signs an agreement with the label OMG for the release of Generation RX, Good Charlotte's new record, to be released on September 14, 2018, followed by a European trip that will take the group to the continent's main squares, including the only Italian date in Milan.

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