Glenn Miller Orchestra

The Glenn Miller Orchestra

The Glenn Miller Orchestra conducted by Ray McVay returns to Lisboa with a new show. A show that revives the myth of the swing era and the legendary Glenn Miller, one of the most important musicians of the early 20th century, on stage. After being sold out two years ago, the Glenn Miller Orchestra returns to Genoa. Conegliano (TV) Theatre Academy. Final concert with the "Glenn Miller Orchestra" under the direction of the Dutchman Wil Salden.

72-year-old Glenn Miller without: His orchestra celebrates him in Italy.

Few artists, such as Glenn Miller, have so deeply influenced the history of 20th -century Jazz and music in general that they have finally overcome customs and refined a genre that was considered pure dance music at the beginning of the century. The Glenn Miller Orchestra, founded in 1938 and now in Italy to celebrate the brilliant musician live in the show "It's Glenn Miller Time", a true tribute to a time and to the protagonists of music that has made the world fall in love, continues its extraordinary artistic heritage with the Glenn Miller Orchestra, founded in 1938 and now in Italy, at the Auditorium Parco in Rome tonight, at the Teatro Verdi in Florence on 16 October, at the Teatro Fraschini in Pavia on 17 October, at the Teatro Comunale in Pavia on 17 October, at the Teatro Comunale in Italy, and at the Teatro Verdi in Florence on 16 October.

72 years ago, on December 15, 1944, Miller tragically disappeared in his plane on the English Channel, while he wanted to bring his music to the soldiers of the allied army on the French front. The 17-piece ensemble, led by musician, composer and conductor Wil Salden at the piano and consisting of outstanding performers (4 trombones, 4 trombones, 5 saxophones and clarinets, 1 percussion, 1 double bass and 1 singer), faithfully reproduces the sounds of time and also plays a long series of honours to other important conductors and musicians, both men and women, such as Count Basie, Harry James and Ray Anthony.

The show's setlist includes classics like Moonlight Serenade, The Band's strike up, A String Of Pearls, Little Brown Jug, Pennsylvania 6-5000, In The Mood, I Got Rhythm, Singapore Song and more. The Big band is not just a symphony orchestra version of classical music, but a true gym where generations of important musicians have grown up and formed, and a small cross-section of society made up of relationships between young and old.

"Glenn Miller and his music represent a way of life there, the enthusiasm for everything that is alive, spontaneous, but also individual - emphasizes conductor Wil Salden - The atmosphere and attitude to each of our shows is fantastic, to say the least, always. From our point of view as musicians it fascinates us more and more how the audience reacts to the music and lets go of the emotions.

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