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Guest gigione on Rai Due at the STRACULT LIVE SHOW sings live #GigioneRock. ZI' NICOLA IHO IHO IHO IHO, GIGIONE, Q_GM. Pigione - Padre Pio (The Best). The Trapanarella - Gigione - 'a Campagnola in my way. Mauritania - Gigione - Dance & Folk.


Ciavarola, simply known as Gigione, (Boscoreale, ....) is an Italian singer-songwriter and TV presenter. His songs are composed in a mixed Italian-Campanian language and his songs are based on the huge trash genre. Gigione, born at the foot of Vesuvius, exactly in Boscoreale, province of Naples. This pseudonym was often read by the public with Italian pronunciation of the letters instead of "Gigi-Uan": This is how the artist name Gigione was created.

In his first period of activity Gigione boasts the title of singer-songwriter of the young Naples, he is author of danceable and uncomplicated skirt and is accompanied for a period by the group of the Marines. It is difficult to define the musical genre of the singer-songwriter from Campania: it can be called "Land" or "Trash-Godereccio", supported by "Trash-Sentimental" songs.

But in contrast, Gijon also writes and interprets more intimate songs about religious themes or family affection. Thanks to the song, Padre Pio took part in an episode of the Maurizio Costanzo Show. In the mid 90's his son Jò Donatello joined the family with the stage name Jò Donatello. Thanks to their ballet songs with texts covering all topics of proletarian life, they are the stars of folk festivals.

Gigiones most famous song is undoubtedly the folksong La campagnola: crazy song, erotic-agreste. The mouth-blown spirit can also be found in several covers, such as Te si Mangiata'Sta Bankana, version of Corona's The Rhythm of the Nightsance.

"Essere Gigione

And Mibact gave him a "cultural interest" visa. "It is an irrelevant step for humanity, but an important achievement for those who have decided to support me in this crazy adventure," announced Valerio Vestoso, the director from Benevento born in 1987, on Facebook and not without (self-)irony, who decided to tell the king of the evenings on the square, the Lord of "Campagnola" and songs with double and triple meaning with a documentary film, with prayers for Father Pio and Pope Francis, the bishop of the Bishop of Benevento, who had prayed for Father Francis, the Bishop of the Blessed Virgin.

Wrongly, his tone is naive, specially designed for the village public who have welcomed him as a star since the 80s, when he was depopulated with the children's rhyme of "Campagnola", the one with all "'e cosse 'a fora". Between a daring rhyme and a Laszzo seasoned with popular piety, the phenomenology of Gigione has been studied for decades, without anyone being able to imitate it or cope with its mystery, namely its cult, which covers almost the entire non-metropolitan south, with strong penetration into Lazio and difficulties breaking through further north.

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