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are an eccentric and contagiously likeable jug band. Punk Rock, Band Musicali, Ulzzang, Scena Emo, Personaggi, Cartoni. Here you won't find any FUNNY STUFF tour plan, live reviews, photos and details. "( Yeah, I know it sucks). best italian group ever.

funny and clever lyrics, they just opened the season of punk crossover mixing. " Old Timey," but driven by the energy of punk rock.

The Waiting Grounds (Rock'n'roll, Garage, Punkrock)

Style is a group that sends out vinyl promos and CDs together so as not to be mistaken. Style is the moustache that matches the dark glasses, and we close our eyes when a boot is a little too pointed. Style is an introduction like "Both of you", where the entry is calibrated to the right point.

Style is for Funny Dunny to play her nuggets from home based Avellino, and it doesn't matter if it's much harder. Such a third respectable work for the Campanian group, always under the sign of Felz with very small deviations, like the instrumental ventures (of course after reconstructive care) "Mugello's Theme" and the excellent "B-side", which is exactly at the crossroads where (on selected occasions) rhythms & blues meet Rockabilly.

And on the way there Funny Dunny give us some of their naughty things, like the dark "Failure", a song with Texmex nuances, which refers to the new garage of the mid 80s, the one shortly after the hangover of New World. And he radiates style everywhere, which is no small thing.

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