Funny Folk Songs

Fun folk songs

Your heart is sweet as honey, Antoniella, AntoniĆ ! ltalian folk song, happy, animal story, very funny in words. Folk customs, folk and klezmer melodies, songs, stories, funny and tragic, real and invented (recitation by M. Ovadia). Country music has been delivering some of the funniest songs for years, more so any other genre of music.

It' strange, he sounded a lot like Bender's folk song.

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How Strange - English Translation - Italian Examples

That'?s funny, I must have dreamt it. That'?s funny, there?s no scarecrow hanging. It' weird to see you rot in a cell. That'?s funny, that was one of his most valuable things. Three-dimensional, semi... many. That' strange. I thought they were very similar. That'?s weird. You're so nice. That'?s funny... the box is almost empty.

That' strange, even your product. That' weird. I was sure she'd say that. That'?s weird. That's what this perfume looks like. Hello, I' m sorry to bother you. Hello, I' m sorry to bother you. That'?s weird. I was just wondering. Hello, Chef, ho un marsaggio. That'?s funny, there's only one sentence of prints.

How strange, it's almost empty..... That' funny, he spoke like in the Bender song. That'?s weird. It's not encrypted. That'?s weird. They're so beautiful.

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