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The BEST SLOW ROCK App brings you the best songs from the BEST SLOW ROCK genre. One of the few new highlights of the second generation Blues revival in England was Free. The development of a schematic Progressive Metal Rock project. In fact, Rock N Roll will set you free. e la sua band è tra i protagonisti del Front de Libération de la Rock Music.

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One of the few new highlights of the second generation of the English revolutionary blue was the Free. From them they had the sharp and abrasive voice of Paul Rodgers and the male and lively guitar of Paul Kossof, fresh from the Black Cat Bones of Barbed Wire Sandwich (1967). They made their debut with Tons of Sobs (Iceland, 1968), under the banner of pure blue, and Free (1969), which already includes Free Me and the balllad Living In The Sunshine, but they had to wait two years to break through with Fire And Water (1970), a classic blue rock of all time.

On this album Free revived the most syncopated and uneven sounds, raw and visceral, dramatic and thundering, with peaks of paths in All Right Now and Fire And Water, also thanks to the rhythmic section of Andy Fraser (bass, ex Bluesbreakers) and Simon Kirke (drums), and excellent vibrations also in Heavy Load and Mr Big.

Hwy (1970), con The Stealer and Be My Friends, il sinolo My Brother Jake (1971), Free At Last (1972), con Little Bit Of Love, and Heartbreaker (1973), con Western Well, fürono glli last albums. The Best (A&M, 1975) collects the historical songs, The Free Story (Iceland, 1989) is a more complete anthology.

After Free was dissolved (mainly due to the drug addiction of Kossoff, who died of an OD in 1976), Rodgers and Kirke founded the Bad Company, a super group (bassist Boz Burrell of King Crimson, guitarist Mick Ralphs of Mott The Hoople) that was to become a bestseller in America with a "South" boomie.

Bad Company (1974), the first record, contains the atmospheric acronym Bad Company as well as the lascivious Ready For Love and Can't Get Enough. Disolation Angels (1979) choked Rock'N'Roll Fantasy again, less and less blue and more and more sweetened (with electronic keyboards). In 1982 Richard finished her career with six albums (all at least platinum) in nine years.

If You Needed Somebody, Here Comes Trouble (East West, 1992), Company Of Strangers (Elektra, 1995), Il groupo si riformo` senza Rodgers per registerrare Fame And Fortune (Atlantique, 1986), District Age ((Atlantique, 1988), Holy Water (East West, 1990), con if you need Someone). Intrepid Paul Rodgers will continue with other formations (with Jimmy Page on guitar in Firm) and with some solo albums of classical Blue Rock.

Andrey Fraser will form Sharks, who will release two albums. Andrey Fraser passed away in 2015 at the age of 62.

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