Free Punk Music Downloads

Punk Music Free Downloads

Many more albums of Sardinian punk bands can be downloaded for free from the blog: Click here to download the complete discography of Killa. Mr. White Pianoforte, Rock And Roll, Meg White, Musica Strumentale, Frasi Per. There are thousands of Crust Anarcho Punk albums available as free downloads. Highlight TribeFree Tibet Punk Fanatic Bootleg REMASTERED.

I' m a loser. I'm a driver.

"Pilot " is the debut album of Lags, a punk powder keg with a Hard Core, available in 11 direct and appealing tracks. It is the chronicle of the thoughts of a group of thirty-year-olds who, like many others, deal with the central themes of the society in which they live: the controversial role of faith, the desperate search for work, the feeling of frustration and disillusionment with the political life of the country, the emigration of neighbours, the relations exhausted by proximity, the fear of an increasingly dark future.

New Moby albums for free downloading as faked message from the White House

Moby's new record was released as a bogus message on a satirical White House website for free downloading. The new project of the DJ and producers was started a few months ago and focuses on the punk-rock genre.

On this occasion he had released the first of two new albums: "These Systems Are Failing". The bogus messages about Moby's new record were released through a bogus White House website. The text of the forged message explains that "both albums are very loud (in the negative sense), as the same title says".

And it underlines the fact that the second record comes out six months after Moby's rejection at the opening of the Trump administration.

Lost records

Lostdog Records released The Enthused's new record "Compromise" on 24.05.2019! Finally we have the pleasure to announce our new record "Compromise" which will be released on May 24th! Reducing, we have given everything for this record and we can hardly wait for you to listen to it! Taken from: Published and blended by: Controlled by: Backed by: Image by:

Patch work of art by Andrea Curti: Track list:

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