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It broadcasts on the Internet from the official website and from the app "Holy Family Station" for iPhone and Android. Mobile app via aziende internet. Listen to the best South African radio stations. FM Radio / Radio Online. You can listen to web radio broadcasts streamed over the Internet from iTunes on your PC.

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Pictures: AccuRadio Free Internet Radio is a music stream service that lets you listen to different genres and channels. They are not traditional web radios, they are pre-configured music selections, but unlike Spotify and similar services, you can't search for the artist or the song you want to play, only by genre.

However, you can jump over the songs we don't like, either by pressing Jump or by selecting Bank artists and Bank songs. This review looks at the iPhone app because it seems more complex for the iPhone. To listen to music, you must register by clicking Create my Mac at, preferably from a computer.

Then enter your email address, your username, your year of birth, your zip and your sex. And you can access it from your iPhone by logging in. Below are five panels: Home: all the channels most frequently listened to by Accuradio users, and the ability to select one at random using the "Pick for me" function.

Where " see more " is written, it means " see more ". Genres: List of available music styles. There are 54 different types and 950 stations. Inside the players window you will find the buttons to naturally playback and pause, title and performer of the songs, the possibility to buy the songs (Buy button), to split the songs (Share button) and the exclusion of songs or performers (Ban artists or song), or to vote (rate) or jump to the next songs (skip actual).

The Players Preferences button at the top of the window allows you to perform other actions, such as splitting the channels (Split Channel), adding them to Favourites or mixing channels between them, the Mix function, and the ability to edit the list of excluded songs and artists. The service is covered by the license of the major record companies and is supported by advertising and the purchase of songs; at the moment they have not included any subscriptions, but it is hoped that in Europe will not be closed the doors, does not have the ratings that have services like spotify, but it is worth it anyway.

By the way, it seems there's no Italian song. Categories: Type of app: License: Offers In-App purchases: Accessibility Level: Store link: Developer's Site: Accessibility Notes: Fully accessible on the iPhone, complex on the iPad: In fact, you can't voice your passwords and email on the iPad because the keyboard isn't displayed.

The only way is to type in Brazil with the risk of making mistakes, especially with the passwords; for the registration of a new user it is better to go to the website on the iPhone, instead everything is linear, registration, access and advice are oil-free.

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