Frank Sinatra and Tommy Dorsey greatest Hits

Biggest successes for Frank Sinatra and Tommy Dorsey

My title sums up what I think about Frank, I like pretty much everything Sinatra, and this CD is no exception. Sinatra with Tommy Dorsey: The Testi Frank Sinatra with Tommy Dorsey: LP Vinyl Record Album FRANK SINATRA's GREATEST HITS! That book is the ultimate source for Frank Sinatra.

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With his voice the USA crossed and won the war and became "The Voice", the singer par excellence. The female audience is crazy about him and his warm, soft and seductive tone, but above all the irresistible blue eyes, in short, he is attacked by movies, radios, record companies and nightlife.

His love for Sinatra was unlucky because he had 4 wives and many flirts: Lauren Bacall, Juliette Powse, Angie Dickinson, Marilyn Monroe, Victoria Principal and even, they say, Grace Kelly and Nancy Reagan. The woman of his life seems to be Nancy Barbato, with whom he was married from 1939 to 1951 and whom Frank left in 1948 out of love for Ava Gardner.

An unhappy marriage with the actress which lasted from 1951 to 1957. Sinatra' s gonna find the right woman in 1976. She is Barbara Blakely Marx, a mature, strong-willed and wise woman, as mature and wise as he has become. Of all these relationships, the only one that bore fruit was the one with Nancy Barbato, of whom the actor had 3 children: .

Nancy, Frank and Tina. In her revolutions, Kelly rages and conquers the film's heroine, while Sinatra usually touches the comedian, the crazy girl who, with the help of jokes and jokes, manages to shake him out of his shyness. And to say that Frank Sinatra in the mid 40's is already the voice that literally drives fans all over America crazy.

Very skillful move, and, low the unwritten Hollywood rule that the performer who shift to the emotionality faculty win the Oscar, victory the sculpture as Best Supporting Actor and win one of the six Oscars the object has won. But intelligence is a dowry that Sinatra has never let down, that has always made it with skill in music, finance and music.

Sinatra non punfĂ  may. Now Frank Sinatra is also confidential on the big screen (as in the songs), surrounded by beautiful women and the iron tribe with whom he has worked for years, in business and at the cinema. I' m not a big movie, but at least one of them gives us the essence of actor Frank Sinatra: the leader.

It' in the part of the Ocean in "Colpo grosso", the movie in which all the stars of the Clans staged a fantastic robbery in their Las Vegas casino, which in 1960 marked the golden age of an era and the image of an irresistible villain.

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