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It was Francesco Lenzi.

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It was Francesco Lenzi.

Like every decision in recent years, the forthcoming LTRO refinancing programme - whether to launch a new long-term LTRO refinancing programme or not - is likely to be another source of criticism of the European Central Bank. If this new program, now in its fourth version, is launched, there will be criticism from those who believe that central bank activism is exaggerated and will affect the functioning of the market.

Reality this time knocked on the door of those who in government had always attacked former leaders for "giving public money to public banks". Since they could not hide, they had to follow, also in their form, the pattern of the former governments and prepare a parachute for the Bank Carige S.p.a.. - A bank that will probably remain the last Italian bank with an unresolved crisis.

One of the most important financial events of this year is the return to the news of the spreads, the yield difference between Italian and German 10-year bonds, which can only be at the top of the list. This month, the yield differential between Italian and German 10-year bonds rose by around 100 basis points, reflecting renewed undiminished political tensions with the European Commission and the expected downward revision of the public debt ratings by the credit ratings agencies.

The tenth anniversary of the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers was an opportunity to remember and revise what happened then, the causes of the crises, the failures and the measures taken to contain the disaster. This month has seen a number of events and contributions that address the major GFC global economic downturn.

Of all the people I have been able to read or see today, one in particular is worth mentioning: the article by Hyun Song Shin, economic advisor and head of research at the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), published in the magazine..... An example of an infection could be the crisis of 2007/2008, which was associated with the fragility of the.....

Over three thousand points, about 24%, is what the Italian banks' stock market index has lost since May 15th, when the yield on Italian government bonds began the recent upward trend. The reverse relationship between the yield on government bonds and the market capitalisation of Italian banks has been evident for some years and is underpinned by the so-called 'doom-loop' between banks and public debt instruments.

A vicious circle, in which the higher the yield of government bonds, the lower the market value of the banks is..... As every time the Bank of Italy publishes data on public finances, the most recent figures on public debt have produced the same reactions and the same securities with effect: boulders, burdens, weight for coming generations are the most commonly used terms on these occasions.

Let us make it clear that Italy's public debt is undoubtedly high, both for the monetary level, which rises on reading, and for the company in relation to GDP. Few countries in the world have a higher national debt than Italy. Trade imbalances that were the cause of the 2010/2012 Eurozone crisis at the time.

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