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Browse millions of images, photos and vectors at affordable prices. Download great free images from Punk Rock. Here is the photo of SquilibrioS Punk Rock. Photo album archive and photo gallery of SquilibrioS Punk Rock. The uncut revolution of the diamond dogs in the photos of Toty Ruggieri.

The most beautiful photos of the greatest punk group of all time.

On April 23, 1976, the first New York group record was released. The recording took place very quickly and with a low $6,000 fund. It was recorded in the same way as the early works of bands like the Beatles and Cream, i.e. with the guitar on one channel and the bass on the other, while the drums were recorded on both channels.

The cover picture, by Roberta Bayley, was taken a few meters away from the CBGB.

Seventeen fantastic photos capturing the legendary punk scene of the 70s.

The legendary rock clubs on Manhattan's Lower East Side were the cradle of some of the most influential bands of all time. In its heyday, the clubs were home to the best and most influential bands, including Ramones, Blondie, Patti Smith, Sonic Youth, The Police and Speaking Directors.

Photographer David Godlis was one of the first documentary filmmakers in the punk wave and new music scenes of the CBGB in the mid and late 1970s. Recently, he launched a "Kickstarter" campaign in the hope of publishing a photo book dedicated exclusively to the characters and iconic images shot at the time.

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Pussy Riot for the first time auf tour in Italy. The Russian feminist punk rock collective, born in Moscow in 2011 and known worldwide for its furious and provocative performances against Vladimir Putin, will be at the Legend Club in Milan on Wednesday 13 February and at the Estragon in Bologna on Friday 15 February.

We asked Marija Al√ęchina, better known as Masha, in the photo. The answer: "We will propose a Riot Days based on the book Riot Days, which has already been distributed in seven countries. A concert, yes, enriched by a lot of electronic music and the presence of a trumpet, but not only".

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