Folk Singers 2016

People's singer 2016

Gevatron and the best Israeli singers 2016. The IT Milan - Singer/Songwriter / Folk Rock / Soul / World Music. Different artists - Celtic Folk Survivors (2016) Jay-Beleen Music. In September 2016 she released her first autograph album "COLORS" as a singer-songwriter. Thomi Joutsen Production, Heavy Metal, Finland, Singer, Bands, Roleplay, .


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In 1993 Jaime started to travel with his threesome through New York City - influenced by the radio sensations of groups like Jimi Hendrix Band of Gypsies, James Brown etc. up to the vibration of the triple bass of Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, Allmann Bros. etc... in blue pubs and skirt club...

In every phase of Carrie Rodriguez's carreer - as a violinist, vocalist and song writer - Austin, Texas, learnt the meaning of surrender. This was certainly the case when it came to her fifth full-length Give Me All You Got record, her first of largely authentic melodies in several years. US Rails is the band of song writers, singers and performers who offer not only a nights full of great song and great harmonic, but also some of the great folk, popular and rocking universities of the 60s and 70s as well as the latest supergroups and fantasy groups that span the world today.

Romania de Bodas is a bolognian group that has been active since 2010. is an American guitarist who was born in June 1966 in Lufkin, Texas. The Roman singer-songwriter, produced by Sony Music Italy and on the road with Live Nation Italia, is ready to conquer Brianza! L'Orage likes to call his music "the rocks of the mountains" in homage to the roots of the Aosta Valley group.

It' actually a point of balanced fusion between the world of folk, songwriting and skirt. In 2016, new record and new.... SATURDAY November 5th in the United Thirty-fifth Circle of Cantù (CO) Jammin' Party - Circus of Reggae is the lively event that becomes a real institution!

Dancehall with the best bands of the scene, the best DJ's and much more! ? KG MAN & RAGGAVIBES Kg Man all' anagrafe Tommaso Bai, si ..... An explosive duet from the MAMA BLUEGRASS BRAND is searching for the origins of folk culture!

If you don't know what to do, you make people... and if they're not people, it could still be people. Traditional American songs, essences from Reiseblues, popular and skirt songs coming from the ears, were collected and reinterpreted in a key by the Busker. The interweaving between American history and folk culture is the theme of this recording project called The Orphan Brigade, which cleverly cuts the Italian Appaloosa out of the multitude of independent publications to offer it in the edition with pre-translated texts (meritorious work, given the centrality of human sung events).

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