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Born in Vicenza, Italy, on 18 December 1975, Luca Bassanese is an Italian singer, songwriter, actress, writer and musician who is deeply involved with social issues. Sao Francisco River folk singer. Published on 4 September 2015 on No Quarter (Catalogue No. NOQ047; CD).

This song was rediscovered in 1960?s by the Tuscan folk singer Caterina Bueno. The Donna Felicità of Italian music recipes (playlist of traditional Italian folk songs).

Concealed Treasures - Singer Songwriter From Home (Hemifran, 2015)

Folk music enters a new phase with its rise. According to Jac Holzman, visionary director of Elektra, all popular songs had already been recalled, and now they needed new ones. The recording facilities are available, also for those who have just arrived in the Village, and the labels Vanguard and Elektra compete for the new folk artists, people like Fred Neil, Tom Paxton, Phil Ochs, Richard Farina, David Blue.

In the first months of 1965, with the Elektra emblem, I Ain't appeared in the stores writing Ain' t Marking Anymore by Phil Ochs, Tom Rush by Tom Rush, Bleecker And MacDougal by Fred Neil, Ain' t That News by Tom Paxton. And it' s Holzman himself who realizes that we need a new category to steal these new records that come out in a series, just as Dylan, for whom everyone looks like the Prophet, is about to mess things up again, plunge into the amphetamine blue that is turned upside down in the electric rage of skirt, Highway 61 Revisited.

The new definition, which sweeps away all the precarious identities sewn to the new folks, such as protests singers, folk singers, folk singers, folk blues singers, summarizes what Dylan and others had already done after him singing their songs. In addition to these solo works, Holzman publishes a joint work, thirteen songs distributed among four new authors, David Blue, Richard Farina, Patrick Sky, and Bruce Murdoch, and calls it the Songwriter Project Songwriter Singers, which seals a term that still exists today, in the various languages of the world and in many later musical declensions.

This Hidden Treasures - Singer songwriters From Home, published by the Swedish label Hemifran, begins again with the anthology of half a century ago and pays tribute to it explicitly since the cover graphic. Unlike back then, there are no debutants here, but four longtime writers, artists who are far from the news, but in talent and presence close to some of the best schools of North American songwriting.

Grag Copeland, Jackson Browne's fellow traveler, Keith Miles, Nashville literary taste kitty, Barry Ollman, folk with talent for popular ballad, Bob Cheevers, US troubadour with a 3,000 song book (one of which was to be recorded by Elvis). Four different ways of interpreting the figure of the vocalist song writer, an uncomfortable and indefinite role, as Elliott Murphy stresses in the liner notes, four storytellers on a mission in the name of perfect melody.

And Hidden Treasures contains a lot of little melodies and big stories. The refined and dark ones by Greg Copeland, who hosts Patrick Sky in the opening track, one of the four of the '65s and later Greg Leizs in the beautiful Roughhouse Boys, the exotic curves of David Lindley's Picks in the intro of Are You Here and Jackson Browne in the closing party, were recorded live by Pretty Girls Rules The World.

And finally a small sample of Bob Cheevers' writing, more or less on the way since the Singer Songwriter Project came out of the Elektra camp. Romantic ballads like This Are My Words, a variation on the theme of Liebeslied and at the same time an explanation of poetry, epics like the sung implementation of The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow, ecologists like Progress and for those who gloss over his own songs, even the conquest of Test Of Fire.

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