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Folk Rock is the result of the union of three different musical experiences: Folk vocal groups, singer-songwriters and the revival of rock and roll after the English invasion. Rock, medieval atmospheres, world music and progressive ideas merge to form the folk-rock author who characterises the band's sounds. Explore the most collected and trendiest folk rock music. Join Folk Rock collectors around the world and complete your collection. Explore the best Italian folk rock artists to find new music.

Rock, medieval atmospheres, word music and progressives melt into the folk-rock author who characterizes the sounds of the group.

Rock, medieval atmospheres, word music and progressives melt into the folk-rock author who characterizes the sounds of the group. He has a lot of professional experience: from his collaboration with the "Gang" of Fratelli Severini and "La Macina" to the opening of concerts by artists such as Max Gazzè, Cisco of Modena City Ramblers, The Gang, Roberto "Freak" Antoni, Aida Cooper and many others.

The finalists of the Fabrizio De Andrè Prize and the Rock Targato Italia are later winners of other competitions in the field of music writing, including the prestigious "Risonanze Unplugged" prize, which takes first place among more than 200 bands from all over Italy. Always active in an intense activity both in music clubs and in theatres, they record 4 records on their musical way, make three video clips and in 2007 with the magazine Cosmopolitan are among the most representative bands of the Italian folk rock scene.

Atomica Riparte Music Competition for Folk, Rock and Pop Music

The Atomica Music Contest tour will return tonight, Saturday 13 April, at the BeBop Cafe on Pasquale Paoli 49 Street in Como for the fifth "Drop 5 | Plutonium" date. The protagonists of the evening are five musical projects: Elisa Bianchi, a young singer-songwriter from Como, who draws her inspiration from the roots of the 60s and from the 60s, and Federica Matera, a salerno who is able to mix the sounds of the Italian singer-songwriter with those of national and international rock and pop. Listening to the music of the Italian singer-songwriter, Elisa Bianchi will be the first of five projects.

Then comes the furious rock of the Monza group Lost In Paradise, the young Como three of Nadir and the Bergamo-based production units whose repertoire is based on guitars inspired by English psychedelic rock of the 90s, a typical post-punk rhythm group and introspective lyrics. The evening will be moderated by Giuseppe "Massi Zeus" Masserotti, artistic director of CiaoComo.

The jury consists of the public gift: you can vote for your favourite artist with the tickets you receive at the entrance and every drink you buy.

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