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Recensioni Indie people (pages 1 to 15). Sacred suicide songs (Bella Union 2016). Lovesongs for robots (Domino 2015). Special Vespa 50 - Lunapop. Published on 13 April 2015 on Cooking Vinyl (Catalogue No.


And no sad songs

The two artists, who had just left the company on the eve of their contract with Emi, kept up his inspiration and led to delicate and refined pastoral folk pop sketches..... Stephen Duffy, who works part-time with artists such as Robbie Williams, creator of the Chillout-House project Dr. Calculus Mdma and Roger Freeman of Pigbag, has evolved from an adventure with Andy Partridge of Xtc(â& Love For Allâ) to the classical tensions of violinist Nigel Kennedy (âMusic In Colorsâ), regardless of the stylistic continuity so appreciated by record companies.

âNo Sad Songsâ is Stephen Duffy's memory album, where he implements the restoration of the original inspiration that takes place with an openness that amazes you. With the help of his wife Claire and his brother Nick, the musician immerses himself in a nostalgic atmosphere, without renouncing fantasy and lust, with ten tracks that don't shy away from comparison with the band's classics.

After the weak reaction of âRunout Grooveâ in 2007, Stephen Duffy had actually decided not to release any more records, and many of the songs of âNo Sad Songsâ are sketches dedicated to stories and private feelings, like âThe Weding Songâ, a ballad with iron guitars and banjos written by the musician for his wife and daughter, or âShe Women's a Symphonyâ, a psychedelic folk that ends up reminiscent of another forgotten New Wove acoustics season volume or the Dream Academy (the choir remembers their âLife In A Northern Townâ). or âShe Women's a Symphonyâ, a psychedelic folk song that ends up reminiscent of another forgotten New Wove acoustics season group.

âNo sad songsâ is the triumph of coherence, a quality that has never been lacking in the lilac era, a discreet corner in which one can let the desire for daydreams arise, an idyll of sound that can be rediscovered after years and years of false prophets of folkpop who can only stay and watch and listen to what an old genius of English music can still get out of his magic hat, never as in this case is the old good saying the old good saying is like.

Stephen Bentornato.

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