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The Most Requested Pop/Folk Songs. The Punjabi folk music (Punjabi: ????

?? ??? ?????) is the traditional music on the traditional musical instruments of the Punjab region. A light, airy and earthy piece with indie pop and acoustic folk elements, with loving lyrics and soft textures that create optimism and warm moods. Outspritz is an Umbrian band offering a complete Italian pop/folk repertoire. Blue and soul pop folk. Workspace.

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Popsong (only one more)

As so often, I came across this recent Sun June release by chance: I had never heard of them before, nor did they seem to be framed by the first in the genre of music to which I normally devote myself. After listening to Younger's four songs, I stopped everything I did in the meantime, got years - my debut album came out last year - and started whipping and wondering how I had ignored the Austin, Texas based group until now.

About fifteen years ago I discovered a group called Hem who played a very personal and hard to describe mixture of folk, pop, genospel and classical with an almost supernatural grace. So Sun June kind of looks like Hem's. We can also call, if you like, the game of Laura Colwell and her friends as long as we empty the definition of the stylistic clich├ęs of the genre: in short, there are no walls of guitars and synths here, but the emotional effect achieved by atmosphere and melody is basically the same.

The five Texans have christened their music "regret pop" and summarize (with self-irony) the introspective and gloomy aspect, but you really have to put it in Sun June's songs to really understand what we're dealing with. Everything, both in the 4 episodes of the EP and in the album, revolves around Colwell's magnificent voice: the guitars caressed at the top, the calm, round and enveloping dynamics, the elegant detail, the gentle, timeless power of each choir, the impressive and essential formal cleanliness.

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